Fhoto Bay Badri

Fhoto Bay Badri

Bengaluru, South, India

About Fhoto Bay Badri

My first journey in my life started from fine arts, i was so curious about making good painting. i have joined fine arts class when i was 7 years old, later started making painting which was appeared behind "Readers Digest". still i have couple of collection of those, rest all given to some one as it is. later started working in Photo lab in my school occasions, there i was exposed to - what is negative role, negative processing, printing paper, darkroom, photo cutting, photo printing machine etc. but my fine arts interests reduced by that time, and photography started attracting me, Then continued towards completing my education in Commerce, but still exposed to Photography & also videography as hobby to earn more money and joined theatre as an actor, where it was happened to meet world class, actors, directors, Makeup artiste, lighting designers, stage designers, costume designers, due to this my creative mind got sharpened, learnt what is Framing, what is Speed, what is Expression and "importance of emotion in human life". later, after working for couple of years in finance field could not able to be satisfied, came out of that, and started an event management company where i have incorporated all these things to cater to my clients. due this background all my works got appreciated and it was different, compared to just photography and videography professionals. along with this moved on to direct documentaries and ad films, when i was directing i learnt a lot from my photographers and cinematographers, since i was asking them for rare shots/framing, together joined movies.

As far as inspiration is concerned in my work, it is surely from nature and human life, human emotions, rareness of human movement in life. Being an actor & director i am fast enough to understand that, that movement will not come again, hence i take that pic as fast as possible and as much as possible.

Another biggest advantage for me is, i travel and i love to travel. this quality made me to travel all most India on Cycle in early stage of my life. Hence, you can see all sorts of images in my work, Nature, Travel, Portraits, Still life, Street etc. "What ever it is, i will be able judge 'the expression and emotion in it'."

Fhoto Bay


+ Bachelor of Commerce, DAS, SAP [FiCo]
+ Associated with Canon India
+ Associated with Carl Zeiss India
+ Associated with elinchrom India
+ Associated with Manfrotto India


+ Pics appeared in Times Of India
+ My works liked on National Geogrphic