Filomena Booth

Filomena Booth

Inverness, FL, United States

About Filomena Booth

"To create a powerful and moving abstract image is a gratifying experience for any artist. To have that image appreciated by the viewer is an even greater joy. "

As a contemporary abstract artist working in acrylics, I am inspired by the natural beauty around me. My goal is to capture the mood of the moment on canvas, whether in an entirely abstract painting or in my abstracted interpretation of a natural scene. My work reflects my love of color and the interplay of light and texture.

Although my work is abstract, it elicits emotional responses from viewers and is frequently described as "beautiful". My paintings may, at times, be subtle and at other times bold and vibrant. Strong composition, visual texture, bold use of color and trusting my intuition are just some of the elements I employ as I explore the possibilities of my blank canvas.

My journey as an artist began a long time ago. After several years spent teaching art to high school students and several more years raising our 3 sons, I was finally able to devote myself to creating art. What initially started as a project to decorate my own home, quickly became a full-time business of supplying custom art to interior designers. In time, I "discovered" the internet and began showing my work to the world. My original paintings are found in collections throughout the US and Europe.

Filomena holds a B.A. degree in fine art education from Newark State College, now Kean University, in New Jersey. She has taken a variety of graduate courses at Montclair State College, as well as studied at the Dunedin Art Center in Florida. She has also participated in and currently teaches private abstract painting workshops at her home studio in Florida.


Newark State College (Kean University) – Union, NJ – B.A. Art Education – 1965-1969
Montclair State College – Montclair, NJ – Graduate studies - 1970-1974
Dunedin Art Center – Dunedin, FL - 2002-2004


Raymond James Financial Annual Art Show – 2000 – 2001 Honorable Mention
Florida Watercolor Society – 2003 American Artist Magazine Award – Shaman
International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) – 2003 Lascaux/Savior Faire Award – Earth in the Balance

Winner Finalist - Outstanding Abstract
July 2010 BoldBrush Painting Contest - sponsor: Fine Art Views Newsletter

First Place in Contemporary Fine Art International 2014 Summer Abstraction Competition

Publications and Public Art
Cover Design for Wine and Cheese Pairings by Norm & Barbara Ray - 2006
Southlake Stampede 2007 - Steerway to the Arts - Public Art

Cover art - "Fragments of Thought" - for "Theology and the End of Doctrine" by Christine Helmer - 2014

AcrylicWorks - The Best of Acrylic Painting by Nancy Reyner - 2014 - "A Matter to Consider" page 109.

Acrylic Artist Magazine - "Trusting Intuition" by Maria Seda-Reeder - Summer 2015