Francene J Levinson

Francene J Levinson

Portland, OR, United States

About Francene J Levinson

About the Artist
Born in Brooklyn, NY
Lives & works in Portland, Oregon

I am a digital artist. My genre is abstract expressionism inspired by the dynamic forces found in nature and implied within the human experience. Gimp is an open source application which serves as my digital canvas and offers menus and filters as my brushes. When considering colors to use in my compositions their intensity, value and hue have a weighted effect on my conceptual arrangement of them. The shapes and lines I use to create my art are most often selected from the basic geometric array and are treated with repetition,distortion,directiion and.
transparency. My background includes: art education instruction, stone sculpturing, and Chinese modular paper sculpturing. My digital art is influenced by my career as a three dimensional artist and often displays the effect of light on forms as well as their placement and proximity to one another..Geometry fascinates me. My digital compositions reflect my love for dynamic line and the elegance of mathematical rhythms.


1966 - Fine Art/Education C.U.N.Y.
1969 - MA Fine Art/Education C.U.N.Y.
1986-89 - Montoya Art Studio, West Palm Beach, Florida – stone sculpturing
1993 - ED.S/sld - Nova Univ..


Paseo Originals Gallery,Oklahoma City,OK:Two Artist Show Dec.4,2012
City Gallery:Grand Rapids,MI: Art Prize Competition Oct14,2012
BJ Spoke Gallery, Huntington,NY: Paper Works - Aug4-31
Second Ave.Gallery F.A.U.,Ft.Lauderdale,FL: Fresh Fiber,July19-31
Rossetti Fine Art Gallery,Pompano Beach,FL: Summer Heat, July31-Aug31.


Grants & Awards
2009 - Mastermind Art Grant
2010 - First Place – Boca Raton Museum of Art, Biennial, Boca Raton, FL
2011- Best in Show , Delray Beach, FL- "Art on the Ave."
2012 - Best In Show + People’s Choice, Rossetti Fine Art Gallery, Pompano Beach, FL,
2012 - Art Craft Award - Nathan Rosen Gallery and Museum, Boca Raton, FL, March
2013 - Judges Recognition, Delray Center for the Arts, 3 D Sculpture, 2013 - Featured Artist Award -,

Exhibitions & Festivals
Paseo Originals Gallery, Two Person Show, Dec. 2012, Oklahoma City,OK( Represented artist)
Fuller Craft Museum. Brockton,MA., Members Show

City Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI., "Art Prize "

Rossetti Fine Art Gallery, Pompano Beach, FL,

B J Spoke Gallery, Huntington, N.Y., "Paper Works," Juror:Laura Phipps, Assistant Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art

Second Ave. Gallery, Florida Atlantic University,"Fresh Design: Fiber Art in the New Millennium."

Nathan Rosen Gallery and Museum, Boca Raton, FL, 2012 Juried Biennial Exhibition, Juror: Michael Bolge, Director of Boca Raton Museum of Art, Ret.

Rossetti Fine Art, "Flora and Fauna," Juror: Michael Mills, Art Critic, New Times Broward/Palm Beach,FL

Highland Beach Library Gallery, Highland Beach, FL, ""Artistic Adventures," Women in the Visual Arts.

Armory Art Center,"Artistic Visions," Women in the Visual Arts.

- Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL, Juried Exhibit, Nexus: Science + Art, 1 yr

SCOPE Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL SEE.Me digital exhibit "Phoenix" Paper Sculpture, sculpture collection, Juror: Rebecca Wilson, Director, Saatchi Gallery, London,UK

- Shanghai Art Museum

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