Francisca Sosa López

Francisca Sosa López

London, London, United Kingdom

About Francisca Sosa López

My practice is based on the complicated relationship I have with my country. Reflecting on issues concerning Venezuela, I produce work based on my personal feelings, reactions, disappointments and affections to my country. I think about a memory or play a certain song that gives way to a particular feeling and I try to catch it through gestures and color. I use mark making to portray my instincts while writing letters gives me the space to organize my thoughts and share specific ideas. Moreover, the use of various surfaces allow me to use materiality as another form of expression. I shift from paper, to fabrics from home to more recently, creating surfaces from discarded material as an attempt to have a more sustainable practice whilst exploring the idea of reconstruction. The concept of making something beautiful from accumulated trash is a repeated action that I use as practice for when we can pick up the debris, and rebuild Venezuela.


The Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL (2020)
MFA Painting, with Distinction
University of Colorado, Boulder (2015)
BA Art History
BA Fine Arts


Selected for the Adrian Carruther’s Award 2021
Selected for the Provust Purchase Prize for UCL East 2020


Trasverse, AMALGAMA, London, May 2021
Textural Codes, The Koppel Project Exchange and AMALGAMA ART, London, October 2020
London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, London, September 2020
Royal College of Art and Slade graduation show, Kristen Hjellegjerde Gallery, August 2020