Franz Gustincich

Franz Gustincich

roma, Italy

About Franz Gustincich

Franz Gustincich is photographer since 1985. He published six photographic books.
He was teacher of reportage at the Rome State University "Sapienza" for 7 years
He was founder and director of the weekly magazine for immigrants "MELTING"
As photoreporter has covered some of the main international events as the end of Apartheid in SouthAfrica; revolutions in almost every former communist countries; transition of Cuba for the "perìodo especiàl; syrian refugees, especially Yazidis of northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan) and many others
He's now working for a wide project for a fellowship of Rotary International about excellence of food.
His statement about art is a simple consideration: "the succes of an artist go through his stylistic recognition, but using the same style forever is a big creative limitation. This is the reason why I prefere to study and try new way of style continuously, instead die on the same and boring."


MurgiAMO, Art Contest-Residenza in Apulia, Italy-First Prize - July 2014

VENDEMMIA (grape harvest) - workshop in Tuscany in a vineyard: how to realize a reportage on a wine farm - 4 lesson along one year in 4 different location -


2016 - L’enigma della Bellezza. Forma e Contenuto (The Enigma of Beauty. Form and Content) - Terme di Salice, Pavia - Curator Barbara Martusciello

2007 - Rome, SUBURBS, open air exhibition with the sociologist Franco Ferrrarotti. A building in the centre was wrapped by giant pvc photographs of the suburbs of Rome-

1996 - Budapest, BREAD, SALT AND HEART, on traditional culture of the dwellers of Albanian Alps - catalogue by ARGO-

1996 - Rome, FLAMENCO, RITO E SPETTACOLO - Piazza Navona, Instituto Cervantes, Embajada de Espana. For the presentation of the photographic book with the same title, Pantheon publishing house.

2002 - Rome, SUBWAYS, on tube transport around the world, for the sociologist/anthropologist Marc Augé

2010 - Rome, LAOXIANG, Chinese community in Rome - Catalogue by Melting

2015 - Corato (Bari), FOTOGRAFARE LA MURGIA - Print exhibit and projection of slides about Murgia, a region of southern Italy, held in Masseria Faraona (Farm) - Open air