Gabrielle Dumont

Gabrielle Dumont

Quebec, QC, Canada

About Gabrielle Dumont

In her work, Gabrielle is interested in human beings, their intensity and complexity.

It is a source of inspiration. Her paintings sometimes shows human figures, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone, but always beautifully integrated into the space represented in each of her paintings. As she paint, she is guided by her intuition, avoiding anticipating the final result of the work. She prefers to let go, improvise and be surprised over her discoveries.

Her paintings are born out of emotions, spontaneity, color, atmosphere and symbolism, the artistic work of Gabrielle Dumont is like intuitive language that comes directly from the heart.


Gabrielle Dumont holds a college degree in fine arts from Sainte-Foy College in Québec. Over the past several years, Gabrielle Dumont continued her artistic career in her studio as a self-taught artist.


2015 - 2019
Vieux Saint-Jean Gallery, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada

2010 - 2016
Beauchamp Gallery, Quebec and Baie-St-Paul

2010 - 2014
L’Art’chipel Gallery, Levis, Quebec

2008 - 2009
L’espace contemporain Gallery, Quebec

Vieux Saint-Jean Gallery, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada