Galya Koleva

Galya Koleva

Stara Zagora, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

About Galya Koleva

Whenever I need to explain who I am, I simply begin with the paintings which you see on this site. Painting is my passion! I love colors because they make shapes cozy.
'When colors matter!', I repeat this with every one of my works...
My style is Abstract Expressionism. Working with multi colors supports the feelings which I express on canvas.

Brushes are not my favorite tool. Instead of brushes, on my paintings you will find the traces of my pallet knife.

My hometown, Veliko Turnovo, a city of inspiration for many artists and poets is located in Northern Bulgaria. Although I currently work at my gallery and live in Stara Zagora, a city in the middle of Southern Bulgaria, I never felt in my heart that I left Veliko Turnovo. When I travel back and forth between these two cities, I feel like a part of me is always left behind, and I call each place home.


I love painting and have been doing it since early childhood. I studied fine arts under Professor Hadzitanev and Professor Neikov. Thus I am a professional artist with Master degree.

Until sold, my paintings are never completed. When I have new ideas and get inspiration, I do not afraid to return to even framed works and modify them... sometimes completely. That is why, do not be surprised if below the final layer, one day you find another is my secret gift to you which certify my works.


14-17 November 2013, Cambridge, UK - Participation at Cambridge City Art Fair;

19-22 November 2015, Harrogate, UK -Participation at Harrogate International Visual Arts Expo;

19-24 October, 2016, Salon of the galleries, Sofia, Bulgaria - Participation at "Salon of the galleries", hall 3, NDK


My gallery is conveniently located in Stara Zagora, a city in the middle of Southern Bulgaria, an hour-and-a-half away from popular sea and ski resorts, but also, close to the hidden secrets of Bulgarian mountains and castles, where the legends are still alive.

GalasArt Gallery has been opened since the beginning of 2013.

The policy of my gallery is to make very good local and international contacts with other galleries, dealers and artists and to participate in art events and exhibitions.

With my team, we search, support and sometimes create new and unusual ways to popularize the Art.