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Octave Pixel

Paris, France

About Octave Pixel

Painter, after a first life as bipolar painter, he created a contemporary art gallery in Paris and exhibited a selection of emerging artists. A few years later, he resumed painting, but the colors are more tart. He fell ill. This is in the hospital, when he is deprived of oil paintings, the merger with digital art begins.

Octave pixels is a man who believes life since 1936. It is at this time that he suggested tactfully meet Mr iPad. After a lengthy analysis, they decided to merge to be at the service of what would be a revolution.

Art became touch with one foot in front and walk behind. The sensitivity was going through a wand called brush and the eye could look in her casket, forgiveness in his screen. The colors remained colors and work redoubled pleasure.

XXVII January 2010, the iPad was born.
Octave pixel is thrilled to present original digital art to any lover of contemporary art. Ranging from abstract works, where color and form predominate, to more representational images, this collection of original digital art encompasses the breadth and verve of the medium to show the amazing potential of the methods used by this talented contemporary artist.

Abstrait comme un homme certain qu'il eût été vivant en 1936. C'est à cette époque qu'on lui proposa, avec tact, d'être le peintre de ses émotions. Durant vingt années, il peint à l'huile sur des toiles. De son atelier, il vend près de 3000 tableaux. De la folie ! Alors, après une longue Analyse, il décida de fusionner émotions et folies, pour se mettre au service de ce qui allait être une révolution :
L'art abstrait contemporain devint tactile avec un pied devant et une marche derrière. La sensibilité passait par une baguette magique appelée pinceau et le regard pouvait se regarder dans son écrin, pardon dans son écran. Les couleurs restaient des couleurs et le travail redoublait de plaisirs abstraits.
Le XXVII janvier 2010, Octave Pixel était soulagé de l'arôme d'essence, pardon des sens, offrant à ses tableaux, d'ÊTRE peints avec des pinceaux sur un écran [ tactile ] blanc comme une toile...


Handmade with digital brushes or finger. Abstract work based on fusion of colors and textures. Lines and geometric forms are fixing the TIME with dualism between past and present or present to futur

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1991 Ecole des Beaux Arts Bordeaux
1999-2002 International sellings in Milano
1996 Affiliated to professional syndicate of artists Maison des Artistes
2002-2011 Atelier in Paris 17 Les Batignolles open to visitors and buyers
2009-2011 Creator of Gallery 365arts in Paris 17
2012 Fusion of fineart painting with digital art collage color overlay


mai 2002 to december 2011 Gallery aromda Paris
December 2008 Peugeot showroom La Défense
December 2009 Peugeot showroom La Défense
2009-2011 Gallery 365 Paris
2012-2013 Business Gallery Emergence Paris
2014 gallery TACT - selection Google Chromecast in 23 countries
2015-2016 Business Gallery Emergence Paris
2017 Business Gallery Emergence Paris - gallery TACT

Collections More than 2.000 paintings SOLD