Gerlind Hentze

Gerlind Hentze

Glienicke/ Nordbahn, Brandenburg, Germany

About Gerlind Hentze

Born in 1961 in Halle / Saale.
Since time immemorial, art is my passion.
Continuously leads me my way more and more away from the subject toward the abstract world. Based on real perceptions I fathom what moves me and what is important to me. It is not the superficial meaningfulness but the profound experience hidden in random that I would like to track. In my paintings are colored layers over each other. Image components are amplified and added, but also removed and reduced, influenced by the mood of the moment and just prevailing perceptions and ideas. The interaction of colors and shapes, structures and textures stimulate the imagination for the viewer and give space for own interpretation.
Paintings are most based on traditional media and techniques, such as canvas, paper painted with acrylic and mixed media.

My studio I have in the Art Center Tegel-Süd.
I live in Glienicke / Nordbahn near Berlin.
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I learned to paint by myself.
Graduate diploma of economy informatics - College of Economics Berlin, Germany


2016 Spain, 1st prize in painting
of the European Cultural Competition of the Spanish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, exhibition in Jerez de la Frontera and Madrid

2015 Participation in the International Art days in Poland "Art without borders - Mazovia as painted"

2014/2015 Participation in the European Cultural Competition of the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance in Spain
2014: 1st finalist in the modality Watercolor

Long Night on november yearly
Open Studios in the Artcentre Tegel-Süd,


in Berlin and Brandenburg, Spain, Poland, Austria