Uri Cohen

Uri Cohen

Rishon Le-Zion, Center, Israel

About Uri Cohen

I was born in Bagdad -Iraq. Lives and creates in the city of Rishon Le-Zion, Israel.
Graduate The Technion -Israel Institute of Technology.

Twenty years ago I discovered The art world . Since, gradually I have neglected my career as engineer in favor of art. Now I'm an artist “full time job".

My artistic work involves sculpting, painting, photography and poetry.

In photography, I am interested in observation followed by isolation of an interesting frame out of the entire landscape.

The sculpting work resides in the realm of forming 3D works which on one hand illustrate psychological/philosophical thought and ideas at the individual as well as societal level; on the other hand express the aesthetics of geometry.

My painting works focusing on geometric abstract (influence by my engineering background).


B.Sc. - industry & Management engineer.
Art education - autodidact.


Publication of my works in magazines such as:
"Domus"- Design.
"Contact"- Photography.
"Hadassah"- Architecture in Israel.
"World Journey"- Nature.


Participation in dozens of collective exhibitions at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa.