Ben Gooding

Ben Gooding

London, Hackney, United Kingdom

About Ben Gooding

One of the central concerns of my work is the idea that great complexity is derived from great simplicity. This "bottom-up" approach is analogous to materialist theories that powerfully describe the natural phenomena we observe in the world from the molecular to the cosmological.

I'm interested in how an underpinning system based on a few basic parameters can generate something that is visually complex and highly intricate, but is borne out of a highly reductive process.

Using simple mathematical devices such as iterative sequences, repeated geometric motifs and varying particular numerical values of integers and angles, a structure will emerge that is bounded by and existent upon these principles. A visual aggregate of the system that defines it.

Often the initial act will be to make an automatic line by hand that describes the spontaneity of a direct and unmeasured moment. The instancy of this mark acts in relief to the highly methodical and deterministic nature of the process it then undergoes.

These dichotomies hang in tension with each other, the one a tacit recognition of the "artist's hand", the other concerned with the pure and detached language of mathematics. The work is simultaneously reliant upon and informed by the unpredictability of one thing and the rigidity of the other.


Ma Fine Art from Central St.Martin's college of Art and Design (Byam Shaw).

1st class Ba(Hons) Fine Art Printmaking from the Cambridge School of Art.

Foundation in Art and Design from Suffolk College.


2015 - Catalogue text published for the exhibition

"Perfectionism: Part II", curated by Rebecca

Pelly-Fry at the Griffin Gallery, London.

2015 - Interview with the artist Duncan Bullen for

Saturation Point Projects.

2015 - Catalogue published to accompany the

Saturation Point Projects group exhibition

"From Centre".

2015 - Interview with the artist Wendy Smith for

Saturation Point Projects.

2015 - Catalogue for "The Determined Line", a solo

show at the Residence Gallery, London.

2013 - Catalogue text written to accompany the

exhibition "When Contents Become Form",

for the artist Jeannie Driver at Arebyte

Gallery, London.

2013 - Interview with FAD Website for the 2013

Other Art Fair.

2012 - Interview with FAD Website for the 2012

Other Art Fair.

2011 - Interview with Francesca Baker for

Who's Jack Magazine...

2006 - Artist residency at King's College,


2005 - Award for contemporary print from the

Royal Society for Painter/Printmakers.


Forthcoming Exhibitions...

2018. "In Line" - a group show by Saturation Point Projects at the Griffin Gallery, London...

Current Exhibition...

2016. "Platform 10" - at the Leydon Gallery,

London... 13th to the 23rd of April...

Selected Exhibitions...

2015. "From Centre" - co-curated by Saturation Point

Projects and Slate Projects, at the Loud and

Western Building, Fulham, London.

2015. Battersea Affordable Art Fair, with the

representation of Gas Gallery. March, 2015.

2015. "The Determined Line" - Solo exhibition at the

Residence Gallery, London. Curated by Ingrid

Zee. March 6th - April 19th.

2014. "Neo Craft" - guest curated by Agnese

Reginaldo at Arebyte Gallery, London.

2014. "Library", private members club launch

exhibition, curated by Art Naked, Covent

Garden, London...

2014. "A Given Structure" - curated by Oliver Adams

as part of the Fringe Arts Bath 2014

summer programme, Bath.

2014. Clerkenwell Design Fair, represented by Gas

Gallery at Dreamspace Gallery, London.

2013. The Affordable Art Fair Battersea, with the

representation of Eleni Duke.

2013. The Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, with the

representation of Gas Gallery...

2013. The Other Art Fair 2013, Ambika P3, London.

2013. The Bristol Affordable Art Fair, with the

representation of Eleni Duke.

2013. "Finish Fetish" three person show at the

Residence Gallery in East London.

2013. "Finish Fetish" - curated by Ingrid Zee of The

Residence Gallery, at the Art Projects section

of the London Art Fair.

2012. Affordable Art Fair, representation by Eleni

Duke, Battersea Park, London.

2012. New Artist Fair, The Truman Brewery, London.

2012. "Cork Street Open" - Cork St Gallery, London.

2012. The Other Art Fair - Ambika P3, London.

2012. "Formation" - curated by Caroline Jane

Harris and Nimrod Vardi, Arbyte Gallery,


2012. "Stable States" - Cultivate Gallery, London.

2011. "Extentions" - curated by Eleni Duke Gallery,

Curious Duke Gallery, London.

2011. "Cork Street Open" - Cork St Gallery, London.

2010. "The Other Side" - Parfitt Gallery, London.

2008. Ma Final Show - Concourse Gallery, London.

2007. Ma Interim Show - Concourse Gallery, London.

2006. "Spherical Void" - studio residency at

Kings College Cambridge.

2005. "Five Graduates" - Kings College Arts Centre,


2004. Degree Show - Candid Arts Centre, London.

2003. "Cambridge University Open" - Cambridge.

2003. "Unbound" - R K Burt Gallery, London.