Mary-Anne Goodman

Mary-Anne Goodman

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

About Mary-Anne Goodman

I was a blocked artist for many, many years due to excessive criticism. Thenceforth I focused on art history instead. Unable to paint or draw for over 10years, I burned all my early paintings ...

Through many years of meditation, my creativity was resurrected and after lots of inner work, I was able to heal and do what I love once more.

My first painting as a profession artist titled: "Nguba", was completed in 2009. Creating that work was one of the scariest experiences of my life. Thereafter I learned so much on a subtle level about the path of the artist.

One of my first lessons was that creation is its own reward. Artwork is pure energy and the intent behind it can be felt. Financial considerations can ruin a good artwork. Hence the first step for the artist is to accept the fact that the reward of the work may only arrive after death. Once this has been fully digested and the heart and mind have been purged, then only very great and subliminal timeless artworks can be produced.

My work is inspired largely by my spirituality. I see the Divine in everything that surrounds us, especially in nature. Symbolism is of great interest and I often research the symbolism of numbers, spirit totem animals, dreams, signs and omens. Spirit speaks to us in this language and so it is this language which often translates into my work.

I often dream of paintings and sometimes I receive beautiful messages in my dreams through images, that I try to capture in my work, though I have not yet succeeded in completely recreating an image from my dreams.

Very recently Spirit has instructed me in the dreamstate: "capturing the ESSENCE of the subject in 3 strokes: this is the TRUE definition of ABSTRACTION". So, naturally my work has been delving more and more in the field of abstraction, BUT, with a purpose and with a message - an INTENT. These works have been the real play of my Spirit and I have learned a lot through them. Such as to trust my Self and to trust my Message, my Voice and my Heart.


University of Kwa Zulu Natal: BSS - PE