Juliana Hagel

Juliana Hagel

Warshawa, Adamow, Poland

About Juliana Hagel

Painter, designer.

She was born in Mukachevo. In 2017, she graduated from the web design department of the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts and received her bachelor's degree with honours. In the same year she became a postgraduate student of the above-mentioned educational institution to continue her study in "design" speciality.

Significant impact on the formation of the young artist had her parents – architects-artists.

he artist is constantly in creative search. She is interested not only in design, but also in drawing, painting, compositional fundamentals and graphic computer techniques. In addition, the girl moulds from clay, salted dough, and gypsum. Creative fantasy helps to experiment in a wide variety of techniques, from interior decoration of the house to origami and gift boxes.

She is interested and refers to the creativity of Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Willem de Kooning.

Adhering to the idea of creativity freedom, the author tries to find herself and further develops creatively and improves, using a variety of tools and materials.

A separate direction, which a talented artist is fond of, is research and experiments with textures in which she imitates natural phenomena and various textures.

Creating them, it seems as she plunges into her own world, where new forms and colour are born.

She participated in the development of the tourist logo of Mukachevo, in regional exhibitions ("Graphic Transcarpathia", "May Wanderings"), where she represented her own graphic works.