Harry Kerker

Harry Kerker

Sherman Oaks, CA, United States

About Harry Kerker

I never set out to be a photographer. I really wanted to be an artist. I distinctly remember my parents saying something like “how are you going to make a living as an artist? Drawing pictures on the sidewalk?”

So, I quickly changed my career description to “commercial artist”, because “commercial” artists being “commercial” must make money somehow, so mom and dad let me head off to Boston to become one. //////////////////////////////////////////

It was nearing the end the Mad Men era and the advertising business was changing, creativity was now king. Commercial artists were now called art directors. Agencies now wanted people with ideas not drawing skills. Fortunately I was pretty good at ideas and not that good at drawing. I won a lot of awards, made a bunch of money and my parents were extreamly happy that I wouldn’t be living in my car. //////////////////////////////////////////

My boss and creative director Carl Fawlor handed me his Nikon F. I remember what a beautiful piece of machinery it was and that it weighed as much as a cinderblock. Carl told me that as an art director I’d be working with some pretty good photographers, so I better start learning photography so I could direct them. Actually I took a different approach, I picked all their brains.

I’ve now carried my camera for almost fifty years. And in that time… I guess I became a pretty good photographer… without even knowing it.
Harry John Kerker is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer. He developed his style working with some of the greats of photography, such as Sebastião Salgado, Robert Farber and Reid Miles. He is the recipient of over a hundred national and
international awards for his work and recipient
of an Emmy nomination for television.
He shows in the US and Mexico and his work
resides in international collections


The Art Institute (Boston Mass) //////////////////////////////////////////


Diego Rivera Re-Imagined. Mr Kerker and a team of artists and craftsman from Diego’s home state of Guanajuato Mexico are painstakingly “Re-Imagineing” eight of Diego Rivera’s greatest works in San Miguel De Allende.


Most recent exhibitions: "The People of Mexico" Galeria San Francisco, San Miguel de Allende MX. "Día de Muertos" Fabrica la Aurora, San Miguel de Allende MX.