Bert Heersema

Bert Heersema

zwolle, overijssel, Netherlands

About Bert Heersema

Dutch painter. Born 1965 Anloo, the Netherlands

I try to evoke a nostalgic atmosphere by my audience, without being aware wistfully. In my work there's a search to detect in sensing the limits of recognizability (Realism) by using moviestills and former documentary material are an important source of inspiration. Atmosphere and space, which are not determined by a variety of realistic details but by simplicity, an often sober color palette and emphatic shadows are defined by different, sometimes experimental designs. Returning image characteristics such as recognition, volume , accent color, strong contrast , nostalgia and humor are important recognizable aspects in my work where emotions play an increasing role . And it should work without losing visibility and realism above all be a beautiful painted work it for the experience of the audience and viewers away. I'am proud that I can now count privat artcollectors from all over the world to my audience.
2018 New! Introducing paintings covered with nylon tulle (removable). Check for more info my website for these very interesting unique photographic look. A nice transition between painting and photography.
Some paintings (not for sale) are somewhere else so not directly available please contact me if you're interested in these work.


Weekend van het Portret 2016 | Loods 6 | KNSM-laan 143 | Amsterdam
Vrijdag 28 oktober opening van 16.00 – 19.00 uur
Zaterdag 29 en zondag 30 oktober 11.00 – 17.00 uur

"NOSTALGIC MOODS" Het Weijtendaal Wijhe
t/m 4 juli 2015


- Micksart Gallery Emmen the Netherlands

- Now! De Groote Sociëteit Zwolle