Hilma Koelman

Hilma Koelman

Hallandale, FL, United States

About Hilma Koelman

My paintings are reflections, single thoughts, moods and conversations on canvas. A dance between colors, with movement and energy.

The start of a new painting is always a very exciting moment for me. The blank canvas is waiting for my ideas and decisions about where to start and what to paint.
My influences and inspirations are found everywhere in the daily life around me, in large part from the beauty of nature and by an emotional connection to the ocean.
I’m an artist, painting in an abstract expressionist style. I enjoy the freedom to express my feelings and emotions and working intuitively. Listening to music and making meditative strolls along the shore are ways to get in contact with my subconscious before I can let flow the energy.
The whole process during the making of the painting is a very challenging one with all kind of emotions. I build up, destroy, erase and paint over until I’m satisfied and energetic surfaces appear that are rich with texture and emotion.

Acrylic is my main medium but I also love to work with oil and cold wax, a complete different technique and approach. I’m always learning and exploring new techniques that push me further with each new piece. As my life changes, so does my work.

If you have any questions, or are interested in commissioning a painting, feel free to contact me with any questions.
Please check my website for more information: www.hilmakoelman.com


Started 19 years ago as a self-taught artist. Received training from professional renowned artists for most of the time.


Selected work to be featured in the New This Week 09-29-2020 Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage, curated by Rebecca Wilson

Featured article in the “Informed Collector” by Bold Brush, Issue # 2077, Feb 8th 2017.

Selected work to be featured in the "New Abstract Expressionism" Collection on Saatchi Art's Homepage, 2016, curated by Rebecca Wilson.

Selected work to be featured in the New This Week 6-6-2016 Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage, curated by Rebecca Wilson.

Selected work to be featured in the New this Week 5-23-2016 Collection on Saatchi’s Art’s homepage, curated by Rebecca Wilson.


Novotel Miami, Dec. 2019 until July 2020
Floris Hotel, Curacao, Jan. 2020
Hilton Fort Lauderdale 2019
Solo or Two-Person Exhibition:
"Abstract Ecstasy", Tedd's ART Works, Wilton Manors, 2016
General Provision, Fort Lauderdale, 2016
cmYk Gallery, Miami, 2015
"Summer Fever" exhibition at Tedd's ART Works Gallery, Wilton Manors, 2015

Juried Group Exhibitions:
Rossetti Fine Art Gallery, Broward Basel 2015
"Art Bravo 2016", Art Serve
"Singing the Blues" Miami Mixer, Hosted by Decorative Crafts at Dcota, Dania, 2015
Brisky Gallery Miami, 2015
North of Modern Exhibition at Midpoint during Art Basel Miami 2014
"Out of the Blue" , Miami Mixer, Eleazar Delgado Studio Miami, 2014
"Art Bravo 2013", Art Serve, Fort Lauderdale, 2013
“Journey into the Soul” 2013, Art Fusion Galleries Miami Art District
"A Spring Affair" 2012, Art Fusion Galleries Miami Design District
“Art of Engagement” 2011, Art Fusion Galleries Miami Design District

Affiliations, awards or recognitions:
Winner of the 1st Artslant 2018 "Abstract" Showcase Competition
Merit Award for the 9th Annual Abstract competition 2018, Light, Space & Time online Artgallery
Winner of the 2nd. 4th, 5th, 6th 7th, 8th and 9th round 2017 Artslant Showcase Competition, Abstract
BoldBrush Painting Competition, December 2016, "Outstanding Abstract" Award
Winner of the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th and 9th round 2016 Artslant Showcase Competition, Abstract
Winner of the 6th 2015 Artslant Showcase Competition, Abstract
Merit Award, Basel Broward 2015, Rossetti Fine Art
2nd place Broward Art Guild, " Abstractions" Exhibit, Nov. 2015
Artist of the month "May" 2015 of the Broward Art Guild
Artist of the week 2011, Art Fusion Galleries, Design District Miami