Tony Blair

Tony Blair

Newcastle upon Tyne

About Tony Blair

I am a rat and a conceptual artist. From a young age I created paper cuts from reclaimed paper and then I began to consider the effect of my intervention on found objects. As my work developed, I looked to expand on my repertoire of materials, which now includes foliage, fabric and electrical cables. I have recently begun to work in clay.Have I decreased or increased the value of my subjects?Is the value of '14' greater now, as artwork,than when it was a vintage newspaper?Is the four-leafed clover still lucky, now that it has had one of its leaves removed?Has the value of a phone communication increased or decreased when the possibility to hear responses or to be interrupted has been removed?Does the de-fringed blanket provide less warmth?My purpose is to question the true value of found objects.


I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, where I share a house with Gordon Brown and 'Shy Boy' Archangel Gabriel. I was brought here to be a companion for Gordon. Following his bouts of ill health, 'Shy Boy' was brought to the house to act as my companion, should Gordon leave us.Both Gordon and 'Shy Boy' are engaging, but simple creatures and I need the intellectual stimulation of my work to occupy my evenings. ,


Depth of Field
36 Lime Street Gallery
29th - 30th November 2014