Ia Liparteliani

Ia Liparteliani

Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia

About Ia Liparteliani

Most of my work done in acrylic paint explores the society and its relations to its architectural and moral- surrounding , demonstrating individual views and values, fusing material and universal aspects of our everyday lives , displaying the eternal cycle of self-expression.


Tbilisi J.Nikoladze Art College, Faculty of painting B.A
Tbilisi State Academy of Art, Faculty of Media Art B.A
Tbilisi State Academy of Art,Faculty of Architect and Design, M.A.
Since 2017 Ia Liparteliani is a PhD student at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts.


2019- Solo exhibition\Tbilisi /Georgia
2019 -TheOtherArtFair/USA/Chicago
2019 - Koln, Germany ,PASSAGEN,
Interior design Week Koln
2018-TheOtherArtFair/USA/Los Angeles
2017- Solo exhibition\Tbilisi /Georgia
2017-CANADA/VANCOUVER:Art Vancouver
2017-UK/LONDON : Talentedartfair
2017- USA/NYC: Clio art fair
2016 -UK/LONDON : The Other Art Fair
2016- UK/LONDON :Art and Colours: International contemporary art exhibition.
2016- Contemporary Design and Art Craft Fair,MoMA Tbilisi
2016 USA/NYC:Artexponewyork SOLO (Independent Artists Pavilion)
2015-2016 KIEV/UKRAINE:Izolyatsia Platform for cultural initiatives: Crawling border
2015 - VENICE/ITALY:La Bienale Di Venezia: Georgian National Pavilion:11 Crawling border