Ilmi Gutzeit Mathiesen

Ilmi Gutzeit Mathiesen

Oslo, Norway

About Ilmi Gutzeit Mathiesen

I am a Norwegian artist working with drawings and sculpture in several different materials: wood, steel, concrete, iron and stone. I have been represented at numerous exhibitions in Norway and abroad, including six times at the National Autumn Exhibition in Oslo.

A number of my sculptures consist of groups of two or three objects where the movement / energy / space between them creates a tension.

In my solo exhibition "Shadows" (Tegnerforbundet, Oslo 2008), I explored formal issues of light and space in both drawings and sculptures.

All my works in wood are composed using a special technique; by joining pieces of wood in different sizes and then shaping them with a chainsaw. I build the shapes by adding and subtracting in a repetitive pattern. The chainsaw serves as a powerful pencil to accentuate or correct lines and shapes. See for example ”Wolves” and “Angels”.

Other techniques are used in my "Horse and Rider" series based on Uccellos battle scenes. I isolate the characters from the battle scenes, drawing them one by one in a backlight situation. My focus is on the play of light and darkness. I develop patterns of light that contrast various figurations resulting in a virtual surprise attack on the observer.

Tegnerforbundet 2008
Buskerud Art Centre 1999
Festival Exhibition in Elverum1996
Hordaland Art Centre 1989

Gallerie am Prater, Berlin
Svolvær Art Centre
Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop, Germany “Durchblicke”
Art Association in Bergen ”Brudd”
International Sculpture Symposium, Wrotslaw, Poland
Vikerødegården Gallery; ”Animals and Fairytales”
Norwegian-Russian Art Centre Kirkenes
Seljord Summer Exhibition ; “Skulptur som Blikkfang”)

State Autumn Exhibition (Statens Høstutstilling) 1999 - 1994 - 1993 -
1992 -1990- 1995
Eastern Norway Art Exhibition (Østlandsutstillingen) 1998 - 1994
Western Norway Art Exhibition (Vestlandsutstillingen) 1992

Sculpture out door, Fredrikstad County
Arts and Crafts 3, Aschehoug
Illustrations for Textbook, Landbruksforlaget
Art Consultant for renovation of Gamlebyen School, Oslo
Front page illustration plus 5 additional illustrations for “Samtiden” (Culture periodical)

Norwegian Forestry Museum, Elverum (Norsk Skogbruksmuseum)
Aamot County
Sør-Varanger County
North Norwegian Museum of Art, Tromsø

Norsk Vedelagsfond (Norwegian Compesation Fundl)
Norsk Kulturråds Exhhibition Grant (Norwegian Art Council)
State Travel Grant
State Establishing Grant
BKH Student Grant


Western Norway Art Academy (Vestlandets Kunstakademi)1987 - 1992
Art Academy in Münster, Germany (Hochshule für Bildende Kunste)1990 - 1991
Einar Granum College of Art, Oslo (Einar Granum Kunstskole) 1985 - 1987