Iman Mahmud

Iman Mahmud

Munich, Germany

About Iman Mahmud

Iman Mahmud
Address: Fuggerstr. 6, D 81373 Munich, Germany

Curriculum vitae
Iman Abdullah Mahmud
Born in Baghdad, Iraq, 1956
1976-80 School of Arts and Graphics in Baghdad
1980-1984 Study of fine arts at the Academy of Arts (B.A.) in Baghdad
1985-1986 Assistant teacher at the School of Arts and Graphics, Baghdad
1987-1997 Employed at the Art Center in Baghdad
1998 Political asylum in Germany (Munich)
since 1998 working as a free lancer artist in Munich, Germany
Member of the German Association of Artists (Bundesverband bildender Kuenstler, BBK


Acquisition of paintings by Baghdad Museum and by The British Museum in London