Izabela Ewa Oldak

Izabela Ewa Oldak

Bielsko Biała, silesia, Poland

About Izabela Ewa Oldak

I live to create, I create to live.
In my artistic research and practice I am referring to the roots of Arts, which I see in transcendental experiences and magic. It has been associated with the exploration of the soul and the secrets of nature, the beginning of taming the world, and to personalize and spiritualize human as an individual.
I believe that with knowledge of the past, comes understanding of the present. Therefore in order to discover the essence of creation and to consciously create and commune with art, it is necessary to go back to its roots.

I express myself in various media like: painting, drawing, site-specific installations, media art, performance and public art. I also work as a freelance curator collaborating with Bielska Gallery BWA in Bielsko-Biała in Poland.


MFA, Research & Practice in Art at the Dutch Art Institute, Enschede, the Netherlands. 2008 – 2010
MA, Painting Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, Poland. 2002 – 2007
Fine Art Course at the Trent University in Nottingham, United Kingdom. 2006 – 2007


Participation in Artist -in-Residence and Art Colony programs at:
- Löblhof & Artgrund, Staňkovice, Czech Republic, 2019.
- CACiS: Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat, El Forn de la Calç, Spain, 2018.
- Art Colony at Kavadarci, Macedonia, August 2016.
- CACiS: Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat, El Forn de la Calç, Spain, 2016.
- Studio Untitled, Mumbai, India, 2013.
- Vice-Versa Foundation, Panaji, Goa, India, 2013.
- DAR Druskininkai Artists' Residence, Druskininkai, Lithuania, 2013.
- CACiS - Forn de la calç, Calders, Spain, 2013.
- Art Colony in Ečka, Serbia, 2012.
- MoKs Open Studio, Mooste, Estonia, 2012.
- Fundación Valparaíso, Mojácar, Spain, 2011.
- DCR Guest Studio, The Hague, the Netherlands, 2011.
- Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2011.
- Art Colony in Jalovik, Serbia, 2010.
- Stichting id 11, Delft, the Netherlands, 2010 and in 2009.


- Roots, Bielska Gallery BWA Bielsko-Biała, Poland, 2019.
- Retrospection - a collection of paintings of one decade, Galeria pod Atlantami, Wałbrzych, Poland, 2019.
- Children of Light, Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, Poland, 2018.
- Another dimension, Gallery Wejście przez sklep z platerami, Warszawa, Poland, 2018.
- Women’s Power, Aquarium Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, Poland, 2018.
- The 4th Festival of Visual Arts, Historical Museum- Stara Fabryka, Bielsko-Biała, Poland, 2018.
- EFÍMERA, Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat (CACIS), El Forn de la Calç, Spain, 2017.
- This is the way to heal, performance, Contexts festival of ephemeral arts, Sokołowsko, Poland, 2017.
- Pokaz 4- Collection of Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, Poland,2016.
- Redemption, performance, Calders, Spain, 2016
- Trinity, performance, Bielsko-Biała, Poland, 2015.
- Visionaries, Heart & Mind Festival, Bon Garuda, Wilga/ Warszawa, Poland, 2015.
- Plug- in, group exhibition at the Arsenał Gallery, Poznań, Poland, 2015.
- Versiones de una Cicatriz, group exhibition, Casa Siglo XIX, Chihuahua, México, 2014
- The 3rd Festival of Visual Arts, Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, 2014
- Collage, group exhibition, Ptapty, Poznań, Poland, 2014
- Singing over the Bones, individual exhibition at BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice, Poland, 2013.
- II Piotrkowskie Art Biennale, group exhibition at ODA, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland, 2013.
- Going back to the roots, curatorial project, Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biała, Poland, 2013.
- Ninth circle of Obsession, curatorial project realized at the Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin in Zrenjanin, Serbia, 2012 and at Tartu Art House in Tartu, Estonia, 2013.