Ivan unframed

Ivan unframed

Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom

About Ivan unframed

I loved growing up in North London during the 1960s, artists and writers, musicians, dancers, composers the list is endless. Camden Town was filled with a creative energy a fun place to live and somehow contagiously self driven. Sledging on Primrose Hill, the laughter rolled around the hill. Rowing on the canal down by Dingwalls and walking along Inverness Market, with the loud voices, the colours, the smell of fruits, they still make me smile.
My own family,had its fair share of Artists and Bohemianism it included Suffragettes too. I imagine some of this still permeates in my soul. Human observation and being a collector of eclectic things, contribute to my work.
The making;
It is more than collecting of physical items, the wandering around a subject, exploring the tactile qualities. A thousands images, textures, smells and sounds burst into my head. The cacophony seeks order in my mind. At times these are all over-laid or filed away somewhere for future reference, other times, I start work impulsively and quickly. .the excitement of running along past railings with a stick, or stamping in a puddle as a child, I attach great emotion to the tactile quality of a subject.
Artist Statement.
I use, as well as experiment with a wide range of both traditional and non-traditional materials in my work. Experimentation sometimes produces a tactile quality that helps me to understand my subject. The process of creating a work is as important to me as the finished article.
Working on a subject allows me to explore it and find a way to demonstrate an expression of it. Layering materials such as ink and pigment, fabric and paper, collaging and reworking creates a greater affinity between method and subject matter.
Allowing room for incidental marks adds freedom and acts as a foil to the more complex elements of my work. The qualities of working with soft pastels have recently been an allure, particularly the layering of colours. I will be supplementing the pastels with use of some natural mineral pigments such as Bideford Black.
Bringing together the learnt skills and found techniques has been a challenge and a real pleasure. Inspiration for my work is drawn from watching the accidental changes to life that humans continually make. I try to interpret my feelings for these changes in my work.


Self taught and to that degree I am not steered to working in one way or another.I use expression and feelings in my work.


A new body of work Crowd is under way at the moment and can be seen very soon ;https://www.instagram.com/ivanunframed/?hl=en

There are three articles to read adding depth and explanation to the listed exhibitions below ;

.More to come soon....
The first tranche of this work is available on line to view and for sale.
I will be adding to this piece in the New Year of 2018 and am seeking exhibition site, in the meantime the studio can host an arranged visit.


Human Detritus”-solo exhibition at Birdwood House, Totnes Devon – February 2014
(“Human Detritus” a piece based on Situationist and Participatory art)
• “Project Obscurity”;Wrapping of Wills and Burke Monument,Totnes Devon May 2013
• Joint Exhibition at Ark Gallery- Totnes Devon-December, 2012.
• “Expressive Feedback”;Joint exhibition at Infineon, Bristol –November, 2012
• “Aaargh!”; Joint exhibition at Crowcombe, Somerset-October 2012
• Solo Exhibition at Birdwood House, Totnes Devon – January, 2012
• Exhibition at Longacre Landscove, September 2010 – January, 2011
• “Unframed” Solo Exhibition at Birdwood House,Totnes Devon – January, 2010
(A week of continual charcoal drawing to cover the walls of a gallery watched by visitors)