Ivilina Kouneva

Ivilina Kouneva

Bexhill, ES, United Kingdom

About Ivilina Kouneva

I started painting and drawing at very early age, and I was sent by my parents to an Art school for children at the age of five. I was lucky to meet this very creative and open minded artist -my first teacher who encouraged me to be brave and use all my imagination.Since then I have been following my free spirit and understanding for World comprised of multi layered realities-more than one can imagine.
I am always looking for light, depth and meaning. My compositions are comprised of symbolic images and signs. Like many contemporary artists I find difficulty to face the blank canvas.There they come: various collage techniques, stencils,prints and other "fillings" to give the background security and then the images emerge from there.


Fine Arts Degree, Department of Painting,"St.st Cyril and Methodius",V,Turnovo,Bulgaria, Higher education Diploma - Teacher in Fine Arts


Selected for the Virtual exhibition "The great Leveler" 2020, with Sweet Arts, London

Upcoming: Artscape Gibraltar Point residency, Toronto islands, summer 2021


Solo and two- person exhibitions (2010 – )

Every Story Tells a Story / 2018, August-September/, The Brock Keep, OHOS,Reading, UK
Paintings and works on paper /2015, March -April/ Fleet Gallery,St.Leonards-on-sea, E.Sussex,UK
Faces Places Spaces /2013,June/ More Arts, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK
Different /2012, June/ - Art-house galerie& Kunstforum ,Thun, Switzerland
The Crusade -In-between Realities– /2011, March/- Museum of Humour & Satire, Bulgaria

Selected group exhibitions and participations
Women - a book project, 2020, selected with artwork and text
Chameleon: Contemporary Colour Exhibition – /2019/ – Serface Gallery, Nottingham, UK
Rituals and Rites – /2018/- Artcore Art Gallery, Derby, England
Imago – /2018/- The Brock Keep,OHOS, Reading, England
The Talented Art Fair, Old Trouman Brewery,Ely's Yard - /2017/ London
As it stands: Unrefined Muted Abundant - /2017/ - Hundred Years Gallery, London
Fire&Water– /2016,May/ – OHOS open studio’s group exhibition, Reading
Perspectives of the figurative-/2016, May/-5th Base Gallery, London

Transitions -/2016,April/ -Menier Gallery, Southwark, London

In-between Out there & Beyond – /2015,July/ – finale exhibition of Soto Voce arts festival, England

Desire Lines- /2015, May/ – Annual show of OHOS members, the Keep,reading,UK, “Diaries”
New grounds-/ 2014,May -September /-REME Museum of Technology, Arborfield, Berkshire ,UK with “Looking through” installation of objects, prints, photography and paintings
2013- INSIGHT 2013 – The Open Studios flagship exhibition, New Greenham Arts, Newbury