Maciej Budny

Maciej Budny

Nysa, Opole, Poland

About Maciej Budny

I am 47 years old, I was born in Poland, in town of Nysa. Professionally I am a conservator of monuments.
A lot of passions fills my life, I like to sculpt, to paint, I am interested in geology and history of architecture but most of all I love to watch the world around me .
I am constantly searching for an opportunity for framing the world around me. On the matrix of my brain and my camera I am registrating spotted beauty to share it with others who unconsciously pass it by every day.


I had five exhibitions by now:
- in a Gallery of Wroclaw Tower: "Architecture of Nysa"
- In a Gallery of Museum of Nysa: "Impressions of Graphics"
- In a Gallery of Museum of Nysa: "My Pictures"
- On an Inauguration of Opening of Moss Lake in Rejviz (Czech Republic): "Nature and Architecture
- In a Gallery of Museum of Nysa: "Maciej Budny's Exhibition"