Janine van der Kaaij-Kruijmer

Janine van der Kaaij-Kruijmer

Huizen, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

About Janine van der Kaaij-Kruijmer

Janine was born in The Netherlands in 1969, en became an artist after a studying Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and working several years in business. She professionalised her skills and ever since her work can be found both in particular areas as in business. Since 2015 her work is also bought worldwide through the great Dutch tulip exhibition called 'Keukenhof', every year from March till May. Her tulip and blossom paintings are very much appreciated by the visitors.

She is always been inspired by flowers: because of their colors, organic forms and compositions she never runs out of ideas for new flower paintings. In particular the famous Dutch tulips, which she photographs herself, the blossoms in Spring and the Summer poppies occur mostly in her flowerpaintings.
However, nowadays portraits, landscapes and a variety of impressionistic themes are her passion too.
For her flower paintings she varies in using oil and acrylics. Mostly she uses high quality linen wrapped on a wooden 1,5 inch frame. So the painting is getting more body and an outer list is not necessary. she also paints paints the sides of the canvas.

During the year her paintings are often exhibited in hospitals because of their colorful and joyful exposure.

One of her blossom paintings 'Van Gogh's Passion' has been nominated for the Van Gogh Painting battle in 2015, for which her painting was exhibited in the Breda Museum.