Jan Poope

Jan Poope

Praha, Praha, Czech Republic

About Jan Poope

I created the Czech edition of the tech magazine T3 (Tomorrow's Technology Today) and after that I worked for the men’s magazine Maxim. I dictated fashion, wrote about bizarre stuff and took part in editorial striptease and decadent parties.

The last two years I´ve been working on a project of prolapsed buttocks (Prolapse of Love) and developing the project Audiopill (an experimental device for enjoying music from the inside).
I had to rebuild my flat into a lab and learn how to preserve pig innards. I also experimented with polymer materials suitable for encasing the Audiopill device and tested various methods of potassium ferricyanide crystallization. I´ve tested on myself effects of toadstool, as well as breathing techniques on human perception.
I was also traveling on my Royal Enfield across India and Bangladesh, trying to create a project about outsourced art of wedgies.


Autodidact and kamikaze explorer


Published on:
VICE.com, Maxim, G.cz, Elle...
About my project Audiopill wrote:
DAZED, GQ, Gizmodo, Noisey, Discovery Channel, NEON, RYOT, Mic, Trax, Thump, Dancing Astronaut, Electronic Beats etc etc.
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Prolapse of Love, 2016/ Prague, Czech Republic, Solo Exhibition
Conceptual art project about beauty of fucking in the ass and how fascinating it can be when guts prolapse. Objects considered extremely detestable by today’s stereotypes are transformed into beauty. Isn’t this the true objective of art after all? Hyperfuckingmodern.

Audiopill, 2016/ Project
Do you want to listen to music from the inside? This invention is a device as small as a pill which, when swallowed, starts beating within you innards at a preset BPM. Restless feeling will pump you up to insanity.