Jaume Muñoz

Jaume Muñoz

Barcelona, Spain

About Jaume Muñoz

Born in Barcelona in 1977. Poet and painter.

In my work I explore the expressive possibilities of both abstract painting and figuration, settling on the crossroads of chaos and order.

My working process is based on free abstract improvisation (often rock- or jazz-infused).

On a second stage, I work with lines and textures in order to create shapes and movements, in search for human figures.

The piece of writing that accompanies the work is a verse of poetry, a line from a song, a bit of conversation... whatever captures the moment in which I am creating the work.

Evocation is the essential aspect of my creations.


I have a literary and linguistic background, and I am self-taught as a painter. My learning process began in different creative environments, especially in Barcelona, Cairo and Castelnaudary.

Being able to work side by side with other artists has allowed me to learn hands-on. And this process is never-ending.


2017 Art residence at La Escocesa, Barcelona
2016 Solo exhibition "Les hores dansen sobre la meva pell" at Pedralbes Center, Barcelona
2015 Group exhibition at Arts Vagabonds art festival in Revel, France
2015 Solo exhibition "La concreció abstracta", at La Farinera, Barcelona
2015 Solo exhibition at Manufakturatelier, Barcelona
2014 Solo exhibition "Quello che nella vita rimane" at Studio Tono-Pozzi, Milano
2014 Group exhibition "Jauffke" with artist Daffke Hollstein at La Projekteria, Barcelona
2013 Group exhibitions aigua with the collective vvaa, Barcelona.
2013 Exhibition tagtäglich nachtnächtlich at Kunst-Projekt Forma:t, Berlin (kpf2012.com)
2013 February: Exhibition Körper at [F.U.C.] BAR, Berlin.
2012 Group exhibition at Kunst-Projekt Forma:t, Berlin (kpf2012.com)
2012 Works included in auction at Association Saint Henri (sainthenri.org)
2012 Group exhibitions foc with the collective vvaa, Barcelona.
2011 Collection of 100 small pieces entered the European art platform art surprise (artsurprise.eu).
2011 Live painting at street art day, 'L’art amb Gràcia', Galería Paspartú, Barcelona (galeriapaspartu.com).
2010 Live painting as background for a concert at Group exhibition 'Sant Andreu et vol veure', Barcelona.
2010 Works included in auction at Association Saint Henri (sainthenri.org)
2009 Exhibition somos at Can Flor, Santa Maria de Martorelles, Spain.
2007 Exhibition shai wa sheesha wa baqshish at Gracia Arts Project, Barcelona
2007 Group exhibition different & complete at Sequoya Restaurant, Cairo
2007 Group exhibition garbage art at the Cairo Townhouse Gallery