Jau Goh

Jau Goh

Singapore, Singapore

About Jau Goh

Born in Melaka, Malaysia 1980, Jau currently works and lives in Singapore. Jau is a mandala artist who started painting in 2012. An architect by training, she is interested in spatial composition in her work. Her preference for clean lines is shown in her minimal geometric art. Her natural affinity for colours is demonstrated in her abstract pieces, as she moves with ease between different mediums.

Jau paints for her own pleasure and is delighted that people derive enjoyment from her works. She draws inspiration from nature and find it important to be centered in the present moment when painting Her work is often cited as having spiritual echoes. Meditation is an important part of her painting process, something she does prior to every work session.

Jau is concerned with producing works of beauty, joy and harmony and hopes to spread those feelings with her art.


Bachelor of Architecture, University of Western Australia


Artwork stolen from installation at District Design Dialogue, Holland V - The Blackout Hangout

Making a statement about stolen art -







Infinite Dimension: A solo painting exhibition by Jau Goh (7 June - 20 June 2016)

K A L E I D O S C O P E / One night Exhibition by Jau Goh + Elodie Chandernagor (25 November 2017)

District Design Dialogue, Holland V - The Blackout Hangout solo exhibition by Jau Goh (10 - 18 March 2018)