Jay Vollmar

Jay Vollmar

Denver, CO, United States

About Jay Vollmar

I find myself drawn to remnants of our industrial society. Monuments that once stood as proud icons of commerce that are now relegated to the scrap heap speak to me and draw me toward them. Pop culture and urban textures, alongside debris, failing architecture and forgotten objects of lives past create a new dialogue when taken from their native habitat and recombined. Quickly disposing of our collective past as we march into the future, I feel an affinity towards objects left behind and find beauty in their accidental juxtaposition through decay.


Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design


520.8 Juried Printmaking Exhibition, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado, January 16-March 29, 2020 • Abstracts and Objects, New Work by Jay Vollmar, Sept. 2019, Vertigo Art Space, Denver, Colorado • Clocked Out, New Work by Jay Vollmar, Oct. 2017, Vertigo Art Space, Denver, Colorado • Litter, February 17 Gallery Groskopf, Denver • Screen and Destory March 2005, Revoluciones, Denver • Sub Screen Sonic, May 12-29 2006, Brighton England • Graphic Content July 31-September 8, 2004 Texas Tech University & August 8-November 18, 2006 Miami of Ohio Art Museum • Fools, April 1-May 5 2005 • The Funny Club Show, May 7, 2005 Los Angeles & August 11, 2005 Taipei, Taiwan • Follow the Munny, June 9-July 14, 2006, Capsule Gallery Denver • Gleaming the Screen, February 2-March 6, 2005, Transformer Gallery San Francisco • Swear to Save CBGB’s, February 14, 2006. CBGB’s, New York • Sniffin’ Ink, March 31, 2006. Stain Gallery, Denver • Living Dead Doll Art Show, October 31, 2006. New York • Flatstock 1-4, 2002 San Francisco, 2003 Austin and Seattle, 2004 Austin • Volume, August 1- September 22, 2008, Ink Lounge Gallery, Denver • NowBrow, September 26, 2008, Wal•Art, Los Angeles.