Judith Christine Riemer

Judith Christine Riemer

Nordstemmen, Landkreis Hildesheim, Germany

About Judith Christine Riemer

Artist Statement
Since 2016 Judith C. Riemer is refining her visual language to make her artistic approach tangible: Giving visibility to the hidden, which is deeply concealed in the obvious.
Layer by layer, her oil- and acrylic paintings bring unconscious stories and subliminally hidden structures to light.
Judith C. Riemer's way of working is characterized by tense contrasts: The intensive application of color in her oil- and acrylic paintings, with organic shapes and structures, is combined with the delicacy of translucent application of paint, as well as charcoal / ink drawing elements.

Making the invisible visible, her art is located somewhere between dream and reality, figurative and abstract.

Born in 1975 in Braunschweig, Germany, Judith Christine Riemer has been working full-time as a freelance artist since 2017, ending her previous career as a graduate engineer for interior design.
The artist lives and works in the Hildesheim district, and in addition to her international exhibition activities and cooperation with galleries and artist networks all over the world, she volunteers for art and culture in her rural home. Also she is a member of GEDOK e.V. Niedersachsen / Hannover, Germany, which is the oldest european society of female artists and art supporters.


2001 Diploma: Graduated engineer for interior design, HAWK Hildesheim, Germany

1997 architectural draftswoman

1994 Abitur examination, Braunschweig, Germany


2020 Essen, CAR (Cont. Art Ruhr), Gallery Makowski
2020 Alfeld, Germany, Soloshop "Upclose", Gallery K6
2020 Berlin, Capital Club, Gallery Makowski
2020 Gstaad, Switzerland: Huus Hotel, artsfemin, group show
2020 Madrid, Spain: VAN GOGH Art Gallery, group show

Exhibitions (extracts)

2019 Brussels, Belgium: Contemporary Art Fair art3f, represented by VAN GOGH Art Gallery

2019 Zurich, Swissart Expo: Artbox.PROJECT 1.0

2019 Hanover, Germany: GEDOK, group show

2018 Alfeld, Germany: AMEOS Klinikum, solo show

2018 Hanover, Germany: Gerly Jalokivi, group show

2018 Sassnitz-Rügen, Germany: Art Salon Q3, group show

2017 Sarstedt, Germany: Musikwerkstatt, solo show

2017 Chicago, USA: Scharpenberg Art gallery, group show

2016 Hildesheim, Germany: Rasselmania, solo show

2016 Nordstemmen, Germany: Rathaus, group show

2015 Hanover, Germany: Oberfinanzdirektion, group show