Jessica Egan

Jessica Egan

Yeovil, United Kingdom

About Jessica Egan

I am a visual artist working in the South Somerset/Dorset area. Working primarily in paint but I also love to draw and use ink and watercolours. I explore collage with found objects, I sketch out design ideas and I have always adored photography.

I work with both figurative and abstract styles and through both I explore my impression of a landscape and how I feel about it, often looking to the horizon as a place of balance but always intrigued by shape and form in land, sky and sea. I experiment with my palette expressively and emotionally trying to capture the essence in what I have been recording outdoors in my sketches and photographs. I often find myself exploring themes of nostalgia, beauty, seasonality and storytelling. I use Instagram like an online sketchbook and frequent sketches, painting and ideas can be found


Art & Design A-level
History of Art A-level
English Language A-level
BTec Diploma in Art & Design


Wine Bar, Yeovil, Somerset, 2010, 2012
Vida Comida Restaurant, Sherborne, Dorset, 2017
Yeovil Creatives, Yeovil, Somerset, 2019