Jesus Paul

Jesus Paul

London, Notting Hill, United Kingdom

About Jesus Paul

Jesus Paul is a London based digital artist and a photographer, working with:

Digital Art
Abstract Art
Pop Art
Contemporary Art

Having a multicultural background (Polish, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, German, Spanish), he travelled with his family around the Eastern Europe since he was a kid. Traveling was always one of the main inspirations which led to new emotions, new experience. Almost everywhere he took the camera since he was 8. it was a beginning to find in this world something unusual, mysterious or even forbidden.

At the same time it was quite hard to understand why he always failed to build connection with the people. Since the childhood to a student years and even after that the situation was quite the same, the loneliness, no support or understanding made a huge impact on the creative process as well. Later on, he was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and it gave him some clarity. Now it's getting a lot easier to overcome some of the issues and life feels more comfortable, even though it still has many challenges.

He studied photography, in addition took various editing and digital art courses. Moved to London many years ago, to the one of the most inspiring city, a world leading centre of art, design and architecture. Also, he graduated from the Music College (Diploma in Music Performance, Vocal)

Describing himself as an artist who follows his intuition in every project, as it's the key for successful art creating. In addition to different art techniques, he uses multiple types of computer software (up to 20 and even more) to create unique and impressive artworks.

"Every new work is a blank page at the beginning. It happens I already know, what I would like to see and it's just a matter of time. Sometimes its totally unpredictable experiments, but at the end it will be an amazing result!"

"A lot of extra knowledge I gained from my own experience. My mom, as an artist herself, is one of my biggest fan and one of my severest critics. I can't count hours while I'm in a working process cause it's such a pleasure to do what you truly adore!"

"Sometimes it's much better to enjoy the beauty right now, to feel every single moment, every breath, every sound of surrounding reality. All artworks are like children, they were raised in a great place, with pleasure. It's time to let them freedom, allowing them to travel around the world, finding a new home (or homes) and get all the love they deserve!


The School of the Photography 2012
Photoshop Manipulation and Editing Courses
Digital Art Pattern Design Course
Self Education


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Expecting (My Exhibition in London 2020)