Dagyeom Lee

Dagyeom Lee

Seoul , South Korea

About Dagyeom Lee

Dagyeom Lee (Jisun Lee)
born in Daegu, South Korea.
educated in South Korea and Germany.
lives and works in Seoul.


The Swiss artist, Paul Klee said, “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk”, which is about the spontaneity of drawing. Lines on a piece of a drawing are like a magic that seems to happen automatically whether the artist intended or not. The subject going for a walk can be both the artist and the line. A work of art is an artist’s expression of his or her life, making the ingredients of it evolve through the artist’s inner force. Through her work of art, an artist, Dagyeom Lee draws the sine curve of her life as if to write about its endless ups and downs. With her own principles and orders of drawing, she fills the surface of her canvas with colorful lines. The beginning and the end of her story are shown on the canvas without any hint of the sequence because they are visually described on the space of her canvas. Her writing style expressed as a painting doesn’t have the same logic of a written language, which makes the viewers respond to her painting more open-mindedly, so that the spiritual forces awakened in their mind can be the content of her story. The subject matter of her painting, such as flowerpots and walls covered with ivy, which anyone can find easily in the alley of any neighborhood, is expressed in familiar forms, making the viewers sympathize with her own story. _Yoonkyung Kim (Realti Art Space)


2012 Diplom at Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany
2005 – 2007 The graduate school of Fine art Education, Korea University, Seoul, Korea
2005 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting
Department of Fine Arts and Design, Korea University, Seoul, Korea


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea - Artbank
Collectors in Germany, USA, UAE, UK, China and Korea

2020 Artists in Residency program at HORANGGASY Creative Studio, Gwangju
2019 Artists in Residency program at Yeongcheon Art Studio, Yeongcheon
2017 Artists in Residency program in Hangzhou, China
2017 Artists in Residency program at Gachang Art Studio, Daegu
2014 25. Sommerakademie Alfter: Invited artist, Germany
2014 ArToll Kunstlabor e.V., Bedburg-Hau, Germany

see the artist's website for details.


Solo exhibition
2021 THE LINES IN YOUR DAILY LIFE, Kaist College of Business, Seoul
2020 A SMALL GOOD THING, Art Polygon, Gwangju
2020 A PLACE WHERE TIME BRINGS IN, TOM N TOMS COFFEE Black Apgujeong branch, Seoul
2020 MY SEPARATE DIALOGUE, LJA Gallery, Seoul (selected artist by LJA Gallery)
2020 Happy Bukgu Foundation for Culture - A Promising Artist Relay Solo Exhibition, Eoul Arts Center, Daegu
2020 Dagyeom Lee Solo exhibition, Hyundai City Outlet Dongdaemoon branch, Seoul (curated by Gallery Aile)
2019 A CASUAL PLOT, Yeongcheon Art Studio, Yeongcheon
2019 A CASUAL PLOT, Gallery Aile, Seoul (selected artist by Gallery Aile)
2018 Jisun Lee Solo Exhibition, Gallery Munhwa, Busan (curated by Gallery Munhwa)
2017 LINEAR NARRATIVE, Space Gachang and Daegu art factory, Daegu
2016 GARDEN OF VIRTUAL FLORA, L JUNG A Gallery, Seoul (selected artist by L JUNG A Gallery)
2015 WRITE AN IMAGE, Gallery Aile, Seoul (selected artist by Gallery Aile)
2015 Jisun Lee Solo exhibition, Hotel Manu,Seoul
2015 Jisun Lee Solo exhibition, Lotte Department Store Bundang branch, Bundang (curated by Platform12)
2006 UNKNOWN SITE, Spacemom Museum of Art, Cheongju (selected artist by Spacemom Museum of Art)
2005 RAINCOAT, Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul (selected artist by Kwanhoon Gallery)

also participates in many group exhibitions and Art Fairs at home and abroad.