Joanna Mlącka

Joanna Mlącka

Warsaw, Mazowsze, Poland

About Joanna Mlącka

Visual artist. Painting and photography.
Born in 1981, Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland.
Lives and works near Warsaw,PL.

Joanna Mlącka is a painter and a photographer. Her artworks are inspired by the real world from which she takes the shapes of objects and floral elements. These objects sometimes belong to the world of used, unwanted, neglected things or the another time they are arranged by human in quite unexpected environment. During process of painting they become monumental shapes put in an artwork space. By colour, its intensity and transparency she try to change them into creations which are almost bestowed with personality. She often refer to her own visions and memories, that why the constructed objects are often suspended in a surreal space. Her paintings are a metaphor of reality, symbols and signs of items and they raise questions about the nature of humans and their environment.


2013 - 2017 PhD studies at the Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce. 2005 - 2010 The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of painting;
2009 probation scholarship at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava;
Diploma with the chancellor’s honor at Prof. Jaroslaw Modzelewski’s studio;
Additional specjalization from photography at Prof. Grzegorz Kowalski’s studio;

Awards and honors

Finalist of the GEPPERT competition (2013).
Scholarship holder of Warsaw capital city (2013) .
Prizewinner of the “Initiative Entry” (2011).
Prof. Jozef Szajna’s Award (2010) and Ewa Tomaszewska’s honor for the diploma work.


Solo exhibitions

2017 - " Forest, root, tree", Arttrakt Gallery, Wroclaw;
2016 - "Trans - formation", XX1 Gallery, Warsaw;
2014 - "The external image. The internal image.", Korekta Gallery, Warsaw;
2014 - "Irreversible processes / restoring", Arttrakt Gallery, Wroclaw;
2013 - "Gravity",Gallery (-1), The Polish Olympic Committe, Warsaw;
2012 - "Essence", Bochenska Gallery, Warsaw;
2012 - "Unknown garden", Galeria Promocyjna, Warsaw,PL.
2011 - "Simple Stories", Korekta Gallery, Warsaw,PL.
2010 - “Painting Exibition – Joanna Mlącka” – Centralny Basen Artystyczny, Warsaw,PL.

Selected group exhibitions

2018 - "Guest performances", Open Studio Gallery, Krakow;
2017 - "Signs", XX1 Gallery, Warsaw;
2017 - “Winter Salon”, Arttrakt Gallery, Wroclaw;
2016 - “Young Art Kompas 2016”, Gllery (-1), The Polish Olympic Committe, Warsaw;
2015 - “New alphabet of art”, Castle Hill, Kielce;
2015 - “Young Art Kompas2015”, Gallery (-1), Warsaw;
2015 - “XIII Warsaw Art Fair”, Kubicki's arcades, Royal Castle, Warsaw;
2015 - "Risk ratio", Gallery (-1), The Polish Olympic Committe, Warsaw;
2015 - “Museum Night 2015”, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw;
2015 - “Color, image, symbol”, Gallery LNAM, Lwów;
2015 - “BLACK - black cultural connotations”, Promotion of Young Gallery, Łódź;
2015 - “Maczużnik”, Grey House Gallery, Cracow;
2015 - “Special signs”, Korekta Gallery, Warsaw;
2014 - “Young Art Kompas 2014”, Gallery (-1), The Polish Olympic Committe, Warsaw;
2014 - “11th Artistic plein air nationwide Pstrągowa 2014”, Gallery BrowART, Wroclaw;
2014 - “12th International Autumn Salon of Art", BWA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski;
2014 - "Spring to Come", post competition exhibition, BWA Kielce;
2014 - "Citation", photography exhibition, Museum of the History of Kielce, Kielce, PL;
2014 - "Ambient Time Identification" DAP Gallery, Warsaw, PL;
2014 - "15 m2", XS Gallery, Institute of Fine Arts, Kielce, PL;
2013 -"Attention: Painting!", exhibition of the GEPPERT competition, BWA Wrocław, PL;
2013 - "Second Biennial of Piotrkow", Centre of Artistic Activities, Piotrków Trybunalski, PL;
2012 - "259", Bochenska Gallery, Warsaw,PL.
2012 - "Winter Salon", selection of works from the own collection and invited guests, Bochen­ska Gallery in War­saw,PL.
2011 - "Your children and 50 plates", Bochen­ska Gallery in War­saw,PL.
2011 - "Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts 2010" - Graduates’ independent exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Warsaw,PL.
2010 - “ Lazy Life, Urgent Hope” Painting Faculty’s graduates’ exhibition from J. Modzelewski’s studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and from D. Lejman and W. Lazarczyk’s studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Bochenska Gallery in Warsaw,PL.
2010 - “Promotions 2010” 20th National Young Painting Review, the contest exhibition, The Gallery of Art in Legnica,PL.
2010 - “Best Diplomas from All Academies of Art in Poland” Gdansk,PL.
2010 - “The Borders’ Possibilities“ Photography Exhibition, Slovak Institute in Warsaw,PL.
2008 - „Kunstbrucke2”, Young Artists From Eastern Europe, Berlin,DE.
2007 - “Jaroslaw Modzelewski’s Studio” – BWA Gallery, Zielona Gora,PL.
2007 - „The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw’s Female Student’s Painting” – Polish-German Youth Center, Olsztyn,PL.