Miami, FL, United States


A collection of my late work with Non-Objective Abstract pieces. As lately in much of my work, they are deliberately without any object to break the rigidness and freely express myself. The arrangements of this work are widely open, inviting to move the eye throughout the canvas, observe every element of the painting and let you, the viewer, move into a space of speculation. Definitively each segment of every painting has its meaning. The process of painting is also abstract. I envision the work and aesthetically combine forms and colors to express an emotional sense of harmony. Using an array of techniques and brushstrokes helps me make the statement.


Julia Rodriguez born in South America, attended the school of Fine Arts in Cartagena, Colombia; a multicultural city along the Caribbean coast. Cartagena, known for its magical realism, has been the inspiration to various masters of Latin American Art. There, Julia drew inspiration and began her journey as an abstract expressionist artist. As well, she participaded with the Secretary of Cultural Affairs of Colombia obtaining a Certificate of the Arts with the best Colombian Maestros.


    Julia Rodriguez’s paintings have been showcased in many Solo and collaborated exhibitions and galleries in around the world in the Louvre, Belgium, Korea, Spain, and Colombia among others. Julia's art has participated in various Art Fairs as well as Jury Contests obtaining distinction in her work.