Julija Levkova

Julija Levkova

Kapellen, Antwerpen, Belgium

About Julija Levkova

Julija Levkova was born in Riga, Latvia at 22 april 1981.
Now she lives and works between The Netherlands
and Belgium.

Still lifes with the flowers inspired by the masters of the Dutch Golden Age.
I have worked with the models for a long time, ever since I switched from portraits to still lifes. ‘They are, in my view, both timeless and challenging. And they’re really difficult to work with.’

In my workflow I integrate several images of flowers painted by seventeenth-century Dutch artists so as to create scenes of hypernatural beauty and visual opulence, achieving chromatic extremes, while they reflect facets of reality.
I compose my photos in the same way that an artist makes his paintings.
The colossal garden of her studio, a magnificent garden on the edge of the forest, is an oasis of calm. There are tall trees, and beautiful flowers and plants are growing everywhere, a constant source of inspiration.
It is delightfully quiet there, the city and the rest of the world seems a million miles away. I photograph flowers, plants, birds and other elements and her digital catalogue is growing all the time.
But not simply flowers in a vase: I build complex digital compositions of flowers, branches, insects and birds.

My digital still-life flower compositions are remixed to match the perfection of paradise; they are so alive and colourful that you can’t help being attracted to them.



Antwerpen & Breda (Academy of Fine Arts &
School of Photography).


March 2017: London Art Biennale / First Prize Photography

April 2017: Woman’s Essence show Paris

May- June 2017: Exhibition STARLIT TRANSPLENDENCE, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery New York

Nominee at the Fine Art Photography Award 2017. With Series “Silent Beauties”

Solo Exhibition ‘Silent Beauties” Gallery van Dun NL July- November 2017

Solo Exhibition “Silent Beauties” Gallery Alafran NL July- November 2017

37th Photography Contest sponsored by Sigma/ Finalist at Photographer’s Forum Magazine “Embrace”