Jutta Mueller

Jutta Mueller

Breitenfurt, Austria

About Jutta Mueller

1954 Born in Melle, Germany
Lived in Essen, Germany until 1983, moved to Innsbuck, Austria, 1987 to Vienna
Lived in Prague from 1993-2004, living and working near Vienna since 2004
Married, two sons, two cats


2013-2016 participation and completion of studies with Prof. Markus Lüpertz (top German contemporary artist) as "Meisterschüler"

from 1994 painter, participation in workshops with reknown artists such as R. Allgaier, H.Brandl, P. Casagrande, L. Castelli, P. Mairinger, H. Middendorf, T. Lange


Every painting is a beginning, free from previous events and thoughts. I fill the canvas with color, led by my spontaneity, my energy and what comes to mind momentarily. To see the painting live and developing is a thrilling experience.
Most of my works have a recognizable subject, but are made abstract by reduction and focusing on my emotional statement. The interpretation of the statement is left to the observer and her/his “emotional hard-disc”.


selected exhibitions:
2002 Prague „Coming Out"
2003 Prague „One Art Evening"
2005 Vienna „Touching Points"
2006 Witten „Tracks Within"
2010 Reinbek/Hamburg „Between Two Worlds"
2011 Wien, Galerie am Salzgries, „Recent Notes"
2012 Perchtoldsdorf „Excursions into the Abstract"
2014 St. Pölten, Ausstellungsbrücke, „Intuitions"