JW Henssen

JW Henssen

Dieren, Gelderland, Netherlands

About JW Henssen

I am a professional designer with a background in architecture, interior design and product development and still active.
Inspiration: For an assignment to design a cabinet of curiosities I used the number sequence of Fibonacci, an Italian mathematician from the 12th century.
The number sequence of Fibonacci reads as 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, 55, 89 etc., where a number is always the sum of the previous two numbers.
The interesting thing is that when you divide a number in this sequence with the previous number, the result is almost the Golden Ratio (e.g. 21:13 = 1.615).
After successfully completing the design (and fascinated by Fibonacci) I wondered how I could display this sequence as attractive 2D graphics.
In 2019 I completed the 1st series "Exploration" of 13 designs.
End of 2020 a second serie will appear and so on...
You wil find more information at www.phi2art.com


I was born in the North-West part of the Netherlands. Since my childhood I developed a passion for art and design. After high school I went to the famous Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, a university of applied sciences. I studied Architectural Design (5 yrs) and have a BA in Art & Design.


Planned exibitions :

Art Fair Arnhem- 28/29 november 2020
Ars et Mathesis- november 2020
Gallery Espace Enny april 2021
Nederlandse Kunstdagen november 20121

Some other exhibitions were postponed due to Covid-19