Simon Kaci

Simon Kaci

Budapest, Pest, Hungary

About Simon Kaci

I search for new perspectives through my works. Although my paintings are figurative, they are based on modified messages. I consider my pictures separate entities expressing emotions and not ideas.
I combine an almost classical painting style with new compositions, and cutting of the objects so to challenge the viewers' first visual association of the themes without trying to rationalise or explain. By giving up the customary way of observing and understanding these topics, a space is created for intuitions and emotions to guide conceptions – the same I go through while painting.


The Venice Academy of Fine Arts | 2006 - 2009 | Venice, Italy
DLA (Doctor of Liberal Arts)

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts | 1999 - 2005 | Budapest, Hungary
MA (Master of Arts) in Painting

Secondary School of Visual Arts | 1995 - 1999 | Budapest, Hungary
Painting Class


2008 Accade Award for Contemporary Venetian Artists - Finalist (Venice, Italy)
2005 Várfok Gallery Art Prize – First Prize (Budapest, Hungary)
1999 Pueri Fabri International Art Award – First Prize (Ipolyság, Slovakia)
1994 “Europe in School” Art Competition – First Prize (Kosice, Slovakia)


Future Shows updates on:


Solo Exhibitions
2019 Kisüzem: Kaci Simon kiállíás (Budapest, HU)
2018 Hal Köz Galéria: Strains of Resurrection (Debrecen, HU)
2017 Doppio Fondo: Il Grande Colpo (Venezia, IT)
2017 Kiadó Kocsma: Untitled (Budapest, Hungary)
2016 Kaleidoszkóp Hegy Fesztivál Urban Nature (Esztergom, HU)
2016 Erlin Gallery: Urban Nature (Budapest, HU)
2016 Kiadó Kocsma: Fame (Budapest, HU)
2015 Malom Gallery: Falka (Budapest, HU)
2014 Erlin Gallery: Simon Kaci: Brushprints (Budapest, HU)
2013 Abu Dhabi Art Hub: Simon Kaci Exhibition (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
2013 Dusit Thani Hotel: Chrome Exhibition (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
2013 Rondella Gallery: The Death of Pan (Esztergom, HU)
2012 Erlin Gallery: Kaci Simon Exhibition (Budapest, HU)
2012 Klauzál 13 Gallery: Plan B (Budapest, HU)
2011 Metro Klub Gallery: Running Amok (Budapest, HU)
2011 Kaleidoszkóp Ház Gallery: Hol is tartottam? (Esztergom, HU)
2011 Underminerva Gallery Brooklyn: Visitors form Venice (New York City, USA)
2010 Caos Art Gallery: Matiné (Venice, IT)
2009 Paradiso Gallery – Independent Gallery of the Venetian Biennale: Il Nido (Venice, IT)
2007 The National Theatre of Szeged: A Fehér Ördög (The White Devil) (Szeged, HU)
2006 K.A.S. Gallery: “SMS” (Budapest, HU)
2005 Nyitott Műhely: Kaci Simon Exhibition (Budapest, HU)
2005 MU Föld Gallery: Die Sonne Scheint (Budapest, HU)
2004 The Hungarian University of Fine Arts: A Fehér Ördög (The White Devil) (Budapest, HU)

Group Exhibitions
2019 Atelier Pro Arts (A.P.A.): RAF 2019 - Resident Art Fair (Budapest, Hungary)
2019 Pintér Galéria és Aukciósház: ZiggY Art Fair (Budapest, Hungary)
2018 Atelier Pro Arts (A.P.A.): RAF 2018 - Resident Art Fair (Budapest, Hungary)
2017 LATARKA Galéria: Kortárs Művészeti Vásár (Budapest, Hungary)
2017 Living Gallery: Heti Betevő jótékonysági aukció (Budapest, Hungary)
2017 Pótkulcs Szentendre: borsandi, kaci, kamondi, ronto (Szentendre, Hungary)
2017 Galerija Juraj Kvolic Rijeka: Dijalog na kvadrat (Rijeka, Croatia)
2016 Reanimatio Ház: Periféria (Esztergom, Hungary)
2016 Kisüzem: Untitled (Budapest, Hungary)
2015 Rondella Gallery – Time of the Season (Esztergom, Hungary)
2014 Corvinus Díszkert - Flower Exhibition 2014 (Budapest, Hungary)
2014 Liwa Art Hub: The 1st Upcycled Art Festival in the Middle East (Liwa desert, UAE)
2014 Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche: Break an Egg Campaign (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
2014 SIKKA Art Fair: Exhibition of Selected Artworks (Dubai, UAE)
2013 ADNEC - Life and Style Show: Exhibition of Selected Artworks (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
2013 Abu Dhabi Art Fair: Exhibition of Selected Artworks from the ADAH Collection (Abu Dhabi, Manarat Al Saadiyat, UAE)
2013 Abu Dhabi Art Hub: Permanent Exhibition of Selected Artworks (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
2013 Societe du Salon d’Automne: Selected Artworks from the ADAH Collection (Paris, France)
2013 Beirut Art Fair: Abu Dhabi Art Hub Collection (Beirut, Lebanon)
2013 Rondella Gallery: “Kertem nárcisokkal végig ültetéd…” (Esztergom, Hungary)
2012 Caos Art Gallery: Kaleidoscope – the power of seeing beauty (Venice, Italy)
2012 Rovás Gallery: Kaleidoszkóp – képesség a szép látására (Kassa, Slovakia)
2012 Rondella Gallery: Artists for the City of Esztergom (Esztergom, Hungary)
2011-2012 Forte Marghera di Venezia: Artisti di Forte Marghera (Venice, Italy)
2010 Lorenzago City Gallery: Lorenzagoaperta (Lorenzago, Italy)
2010 Caos Art Gallery: Made in Art (Venice, Italy)
2010 CCCP Gallery: Jannus (New York City, United States of America)
2010 BAG Open Studio: Winter salon (New York City, United States of America)
2008-2009 VAM Gallery: 52 Artists (Budapest, Hungary)
2007-2009 Venetian Academy of Fine Arts: End of Year Exhibition (Venice, Italy)
2007 B2B Project (Bonn, Germany)
2005 Tűzraktér: Tate Nélkül (Budapest, Hungary)
2004 322 Gallery: New Enterior Exhibition (Budapest, Hungary)
2004 Macerata City Gallery (Macerata, Italy)
2004 Várfok Gallery: Finalists’ Exhibition (Budapest, Hungary)
2003 MAMU Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)
2003 Gyermely Residency: Exhibition (Gyermely, Hungary)
2003 Munkácsy Mihály Museum: XIII. Alföldi Tárlat (Békéscsaba, Hungary)