Kae Seak

Kae Seak

Nagano, Japan

About Kae Seak

A painter, born in Nagano Japan, grew up in a family that loved art. One of my biggest artistic influences was sumi ink painting taught by my grandfather in my infant stage.
Ever since I have begun to paint in the end of 2011, I have continued to pursue abstract expression of introspective thoughts and visions, has defined my basis and source of every creative activity as exhaust of introspective perspectives.
At the same time, my deep love of music has developed myself into making cover art for some record labels in UK, South Africa, Italy, Germany, and more.
Also, I have collaborated with photographers, guitar makers, designers and other creators inside and outside of Japan, to explore maximum possibilities and opportunities in my creativity.

Ever since I have begun to draw a picture, my creation has been all about looking deep down inside me. Underlying themes are always myself, all of my works are me myself.
It might sound lonely, but at the same time, it is about releasing my mind. When I free myself from my ego without being owned by the social environment I am in, I can feel that my creativity opens up and springs. By focusing into inside of my mind and owning my world, my heart opens freely.

Dropping the first drip of ink on the white paper means making a choice or decision of my life in that moment. The moment could arrive in calmness, sometimes in fear.
I ask myself;
... Where and how are my foundation and basis?
... Will the dirt stuck deep inside me be thrown away or transform to bloom?
... How do the pain and uncertainness make me alive?
Every moment I scratch my heart and stroke a brush asking that way, the pictures are exhaled, which all are portrait of myself captured in each moment harmonized with paper, sumi ink, and paints.


I have almost no academic background in art.


Upcoming event:
music event "Ueda Stomp 2017"
Shinshu Kokusai Ongakumura, Ueda Japan
Sep. 30 - Oct. 1

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Upcoming group show:
"Michelangelo és a maestro a japán kortárs művészet"
Technika Háza Kávézó
Kecskemét Hungary
May 13 - June 6

Please follow the exhibition page on my website for upcoming and past exhibitions: