Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, Austria


I AM A PAINTER - Not an Influencer!

„Behind every scene, the artist reveals the state of mind of her protagonists, the truth behind the masks”
M.A. Heidemarie Weixler-Unterer, art historian
“We cannot escape the modern Babylon” says the artist and means the feeling of being in a hamster wheel, the pressure of being constantly available.
What I love about Kaindels work that she looks at these modern topics and then shows this development through a very traditional and contemplative medium of painting.
In this multimedia society where we are bombarded by an overwhelming amount of images everyday which we won’t remember, there’s an increasing need for paintings that can outlast time.”
“Today, we do not live in the moment anymore, instead we save everything in our virtual memory – the more LIKES you get, the more important it feels, the more you think you lived in the moment. But you didn’t.”
In a world where everything is posted on social media and every private moment publicized, the need to connect with analog painting pictures has become necessary.
In this high-tech world, I recognize an increasing need to authentic works of art and paintings that reflect the artists’ personality.”
Günther Oberhollenzer, curator, excerpt of opening speech / solo show of the artist




Gallery of Tokyo
JAPAN - solo show

2021 permanent: Gallery Augustin, Vienna 1st district
2021 permanent: Gallery Lindengrün, Vienna 1st district
2021 permanent: Gallery Dom Galerie
Lower Austria

8. - 14.1.2020
The art gallery
Kumamoto prefecture, Tsurunya, Japan

27. November - 3. Dezember 2019
SEIBU IKEBUKURO Main Store 6 Stock (Central B8) SEIBU Art Forum, Japan

2019 - 28. - 30. June 2019
Art Bodensee 2019, artfair, Dornbirn, with art gallery Galerie Augustin, 1st district, Vienna, Austria

May 29th to June 9th at
Bunkamura gallery, B1, Shibuya,Tokyo
group show

-- JAPAN -- SOLO show: Mar. 27th to April 2 Hakata city
ART Innsbruck 2019, artfair, Austria, with Austrian art gallery AUGUSTIN, 1st district, Vienna, Austria

art gallery Moeejen Daag, Tegelen, The Netherlands
art gallery Lindengrün, Vienna, Austria
art gallery Dom Galerie, Austria,

The art gallery, Hakata City, Japan
Domgalerie Wiener Neustadt, Austria, Solo show
Galerie Augustin, Vienna
ART Fair MUNICH for Arts and Antiques (Augustin)
Galerie Lindengrün, Vienna
Art acquisition by the government of Lower Austria
Art Gallery Moeëjen Daag, NL
Art Gallery Dom Galerie, Wiener Neustadt
Art Gallery Maringer, Sankt Pölten
Art Gallery Lindengrün, Vienna, First District
ega - frauen im zentrum, Vienna
Buch und Kunst, Vienna
Art Gallery Maringer //Solo Show - Austria, St.Pölten
Art Gallery Dom Galerie Wiener Neustadt,
Austria, Solo show with more than 50 works
ART Innsbruck, Art Fair, Austria
Art Gallery Lindengrün, 1010 Vienna, Austria
ART.FAIR - Fair for modern and contemporary art, Cologne, Germany, Galerie Von & Von
Gallery: Galerie Lindengrün, Vienna
Solo and group shows (extract:)
Double: Kleine Galerie, Vienna, Austria
Double: Gallery Von&Von, Nuremberg, Germany
Group: Brick Lane Art Gallery, London, UK
Solo: Art Gallery LO Studiolo Gallery, Pizzo, Italy
Solo: Art Gallery Lindengrün, Vienna
Group: Bank Austria Kunstforum, Private Auction
Group: Art Gallery Lindengrün, Salzburg
Group: Art Gallery Kleine Galerie, Vienna
Group: New Century Artists Gallery, New York
Solo: Austrias Energy Head Quarter, Vienna
Group: NOA Night of Art, Lower Austria
Group: Bank Austria Headquarter, Vienna
Solo: Charity Show for Human for Human, Vienna
Solo: Ringstrassen-Galleries, 1010 Vienna

Lives and workes in Austria and Italy
Member of the „IG Bildenden Kunst“, International Association of Art, United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO