Karl-Heinz Schicht

Karl-Heinz Schicht

Krefeld, NRW, Germany

About Karl-Heinz Schicht

Having grown up in former GDR studying art was not an option for me for political reasons, hence, I remained an autodidact.

From today’s perspective I am glad about that. My creative work could evolve from deep inside me. Whilst I cannot completely rule out external influence, I can say that I never followed a trend.

A vital element in my paintings is the contrast between the conscious and the unconscious. Every painting originates from an unconscious process. It evolves from the inside to a point where I consciously pick up the flow and continue painting.

I always struggled to produce abstract paintings. Something inside me continuously searches for emerging figurative elements whilst a painting is being created.

It occurs that my conscious painting destroys some of the freedom of the unconscious. But I cannot change that if I want to stay authentic.

It is foreign to my nature to superimpose a meaning to my painting, nor would I ever choose or allow an ideological superstructure for my form of artistic expression.


Künstlerisch - Autodidakt
Workshops in Dresden und Bautzen 1981


2014 Atelierausstellung in Krefeld.
2016 Atelierausstellung in Krefeld
2018 Atelierausstellung in Krefeld
( 15. und 22. April, 11 bis 18 Uhr )


Ausstellungen 1980 in Bautzen und 1981 in Löbau. 2008, 2009 in Krefeld. 2012 in Meerbusch. 2014 Atelierausstellung in Krefeld.
2015 Ausstellungen in Krefeld und Meerbusch
2018 Ausstellung im Prosanostudio Krefeld