Karen Marki

Karen Marki

Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Karen Marki

My abstract works are layers of several paintings built onto the canvas like an excavation site. I appreciate the juxtaposition of nature and the urban environment and my paintings capture energy and motion as the two worlds coexist. My process includes using unusual objects and tools to create markings and mimic the beauty of weathered elements.

My art has been juried into numerous local and international exhibitions including four paintings from my recent "Nature Squared" series - Blue Hydrangea, Eucalyptus, Cherry Blossom and Peace Rose. I have been reviewed and accepted as an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists based in Vancouver, BC. www.artists.ca


• Federation of Canadian Artists – Juried and awarded Active Member Status, 2019-2021
• Art in the City Exhibition - Vancouver, BC May 3-5, 2019
• "Winter Equinox" juried and selected for Federation of Canadian Artist online Landscape exhibition July 2019
• "Grafitti Series: A Populist Storm" juried and selected for Fusion Art international online exhibition Jul/Aug 2019
• "Walls" juried and selected for Concept Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artist Gallery Sept 16-29, 2019
• "Autumn Echinaceas" juried and selected for Emerging Exhibition (online) at the Federation Gallery Nov 5-20 2019
• "Late Summer Storm" juried and tied for 3rd place in the Minimalist Expressionism category of the 2019 American Art Awards
• Two paintings selected for Vancity Credit Union branch exhibition located in downtown Vancouver BC - Nov/Dec 2019
• Awarded solo on-line exhibition with Fusion Art Gallery Palms Springs CA Dec 2019
• "Autumn Echinaceas" selected for exhibition at Artize Gallery Palm Springs Feb 2020
• "Cherry Blossom" juried and selected for the Painting on the Edge international Exhibition Jul/Aug 2020
• "Blue Hydrangea", "Peace Rose" and "Eucalyptus" juried and selected for the Limitless Exhibition Aug 2020
• "Tin and Wood" and "Blue Hyacinth" juried into the Small Artwork Exhibition gallery show Aug 2020
* "The Icebergs Weep) juried into the CRISIS: Climate Change Exhibition at the Federation Gallery Oct 2020
* "Eucalytus" and "California Poppy" both juried and admitted to the Shape and Form Exhibition Oct/Nov 2020
* "Eucalytus" and "Cherry Blossom" both juried and admitted to the Disrupting the Stillness Exhibition co-curated by The Visionary Projects in NYC and the Lohme Art Gallery in Malmo, Sweden Nov/Dec 2020
* "Ochre and Vertigris" juried into Ten Squared Exhibition at the Dec 2020 Federation Gallery
* "Coral Dahlias" juried into the Active Member Exhibition Jan 2021 Vancouver, BC
* "Winter Encroaching" juried into the "Abstract Exhibition" Feb/Mar 2021, Federation Gallery
* "The Icebergs Weep" exhibited as part of the Montreal-based Cine Vert art and film festival 2021
• Awarded two artist exhibition at the Kay Meeks Arts Centre postponed to Fall 2021