Karolina Franceschini

Karolina Franceschini

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

About Karolina Franceschini

Karolina Franceschini was born in Poland, where she studied art and design in one of the main Fine Art Academies.Now she is based in Glasgow, Scotland.

"My painting is purely intuitive, flows out of me naturally and almost effortlessly.
Creative process is based on two stages. First one, when picture takes control, it becomes, leads me. Second stage, when I have to take control, organize and decide what elements of the image are the most important .I gently try to suggest, what should come through as the strongest part of the painting. I am using the strength of the composition and uncompromising colours to create an impact. Ironically, my painting is the opposite of my nature. I like peace and tranquillity
I look at some of my paintings often surprised. Sometimes I don’t know where they came from. Just like I cannot predict what will be the subject of my next work, what will trigger my imagination? It can be a group of people, a scene from the movie, old photo, or street performance. My eyes are scanning the reality up to a point when my mind reacts . Elements of what I see start to blend and mix and then, when I hit the canvas the journey begins. I allude to reality, to a lesser or greater extent, therefore my work bounces between figurative and abstract painting.
I will try to explain my creative process using one of my older paintings, 'I will follow you', as an example.
I came across a picture of a group of street dancers among whom was a very young boy, a child.
The boy was enchanted by the moves of dancers; he was admiring them with wide open eyes .This little boy reminded me of one of Jacek Malczewski work- my favourite painter of all time At the beginning of the 19th century, he painted the scene in which the little shepherd boy is captivated by an angel. There was no visual similarity between Malczewski’s painting and the scene that I saw. It was the atmosphere, innocence and child fascination that touched me.
Instantly, my mind has begun to select, compose, adding some elements and removing others. The initial idea was born within seconds, but I wasn’t ready to start painting yet. It took weeks, before I felt , I knew what I wanted to do with it..
However, the end result always has an element of surprise."


Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan , Poland (BA)
Birmingham City University-
Institute of Art and Design, Birmingham , UK (MA Degree)


Member of Society of Scottish Artists.

Published in 'MYTH /REALITY Contemporary Artists from Scotland ' 2017

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Scottish Drawing Competition 2021 hosted by Paisley Art Institute

'Screen Test'
Virtual group show by Wasps Projects, Scotland 2021

Society of Women Artists
159th Online Open Exhibition, London

Paisley Art Institute 132nd Annual Exhibition Online, Paisley, Scotland

Uig Open 2020: Re-imagined Online , Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Published in 'MYTH /REALITY Contemporary Artists from Scotland ' 2017

Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Annual Exhibition 2015-shortlisted for
Winsor and Newton Young Oil Painters Award
Mall Galleries , London

Society of Women Artist, Mall Galleries ,London 2015

Royal Paislay Institute, Scotland

Royal Glasgow Institute , Scotland

Galerie Luz, Montreal 2014