Washington, DC, United States


My work happens in series, sometimes the series is longer and lasts for years, and other times it finishes quickly. I like to go deep into an idea when I can, when it serves the work and helps to uncover and reveal, excavate truth and honesty and lay it bare. Expose it where it was previously covered or hidden. Sometimes these are social truths and sometimes they’re truths about myself, things I want to hide from myself and from others.

Each painting is an expansion of my previously expressed theses. Repetition is a big theme in my work (repeating images with or without variation), the taboo, fake vs. real, labeling, ubiquity, quotidian versus exotic, identity, anonymity, home, signs from the Universe. I am not able to keep my color very quiet and careen off into wild bursts of pigment. My work has a spiritual basis which I am simultaneously embarrassed and profoundly moved by. I used to fancy myself an intellectual.

Painting titles often come from song lyrics or song titles, and I don’t know if this is a cheap appropriation or an homage to another artist. I hope it’s the latter. I try not to impose too much of my own will on a work of art or on a series- usually if I get out of the way of the work and let the Muse guide me, the painting is more successful as a visual experience. Also it means that when I set out to paint waterfalls but the Muse wants to paint animals, I let her have at it.

Mostly I am grateful that I have been allowed to do this thing, this great thing called painting, and contribute to the world in any small way.


Corcoran College of Art and Design, Painting & Fine Art
B.A. Communication & Art History, SUNY Geneseo


Solo Exhibition of Hand-Painted Pop, Nairobi Village Market, 2018.

Art Africa Fair 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
Featured Exhibitor "The Jezebel Project"

Artist Talk, Lord Erroll, November 30 2016

Paint & Sip- Lord Erroll, September 29, 2016

The Launch of GIF III, Johannesburg, South Africa,

The artist is included in the public collections of:
The Smithsonian Museum of African Art
The University of Wisconsin at Madison
The University of Johannesburg


September 1-4 2017 Village Market Exhibition Hall, "Hand Painted Pop"
2017 Kenya Art Fair, Exhibitor, November
2017 Art Africa Fair, Cape Town South Africa February 23-March 5
2016 Kenya Art Fair, The Jezebel Project installation, Nairobi
2016 "Chasing Waterfalls" Solo Exhibition, November 2016, Lord Erroll, Nairobi
2015 Group Exhibition, “Paper 2” Circle Art, Nairobi
2015 GIF Exhibition, Johannesburg, South Africa
2014 November Solo Exhibition “Pattern Recognition”, Village Market
2014 Group Exhibition, “Paper”, Circle Art Agency, Nairobi
2014 Group Exhibition , International School of Kenya, Nairobi
2013 December Group Exhibition, Russian Embassy, Nairobi
2013 November Group Exhibition, Nairobi National Museum, Nairobi
2013 Solo Exhibition, Que Pasa, Nairobi
2013 Solo Exhibition, Seven ABC Place Nairobi
2013 Group Exhibition, International School of Kenya, Nairobi
2012 Solo Exhibition, Village Market
2012 Group Show, SUNY Geneseo Alumni Juried Exhibition
2011 Solo Exhibition, Le Rustique, Nairobi
2010 September Naivasha Race Track Horse Show and Fair
2010 May, Arlington Public Library "The Art of Food", Arlington VA
2009 Solo Exhibition, Naivasha Horse Show and Fair, Naivasha Kenya
2009 Solo Exhibition, Bethany Art Space, Mechanicsburg PA
2008 Group Exhibition Torpedo Factory Alexandria VA
2007 Juried Group Show, Cassatt’s, Arlington VA

Public Collections
The Smithsonian Museum of African Art (2016)
The University at Madison, Wisconsin collection (2016)


2014: The Artist’s Press, White River, South Africa, January 2014 Will develop Lithography and Solar Plate techniques with Mark Attwood.
2012 The Artist’s Press, White River, South Africa, and August 2012. Worked on Solar-plate prints with Mark Attwood, Master Printer. Collaborated and experimented with natural sun exposures and light-box exposures.


2009-2010 The Nairobi Art Centre
I conducted workshops in oil paint technique, with an emphasis on value identification and modeling.

2010-2013 The Sugarcane Art Academy
Taught 3-6 year olds basic craft and drawing at a summer art camp

2013 was the jurist for the Rosslyn Academy Fine Art Competition


2011-2014 Author a monthly column for ArtLife magazine with articles on collecting contemporary African Art, Land Art in Kenya, Doing the Making, and painting Dhows.


Corcoran College of Art and Design
Painting, Printmaking (2008)

Brooklyn Law School
Juris Doctor (1995)

SUNY Geneseo
Bachelor of Art (1989)