Junaidi .

Junaidi .

Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

About Junaidi .

Djunaidi Kenyut reflects his observation of the urban phenomenon in his daily life onto his works. Walls on the street are some of his major source of visual inspiration today. Perhaps, because when he was young, he spent his spare time as a newsboy on the city street where he found those walls full of scribbles. Some are meaningful, some are really artistic, and some are just one messy corner. But these scribbles speaks a thousand words that later become a strong part of Kenyut's journey as an artist.
Once he finished his formal study in high Surabaya High School of Fine Art (SMK11), Kenyut moved to Ubud, Bali in 2007. The creative synergy that Ubud holds has offer him a chance to do more artistic exploration. Together with his close friend, Anas Etan, he established Bledog Artspace, a non-profit arts gallery that has been used for local or international artist to exhibit their artworks since 2009.
Being part in numerous art activities locally and internationally, Kenyut never stop learning and creating artworks wherever he goes. He held several solo exhibitions and also being participated in some artist exchange such as Malaysia and South Korea
Djunaidi Kenyut likes to experiment with different kind of medias without neglecting his idealism
as an artist.

Berkarya dengan media apa saja.
Making art works with mixed medium.



High school of fine art Surabaya. 1998-2001
Faculty of fine art STKW Surabaya 2003 (drop out)


2015 - "Mbah Sud Carita DB" UBUDO Art Collective, Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

2010 - “SABAR PANGKAL SUBUR”. Surabaya Art Festival (FSS),
- “BAKAR SEMANGATMU”. Opening RE-MIXED at Dimensi
Art Gallery, Surabaya.
- “SAVE”. Mahotsawa #1, Kampung Jagir Festival, Surabaya.
- “Laboratorium Gila” Teater Api Indonesia, Makassar Art
Forum, Makassar.

 Artist Residency Program
2017 - Artist in Residence at Qianyang, Fujian- China. 
2013 - Artist in Residence at Mullae Art Village, Seoul-Korea.
Organized by Artspace Say.


Solo Exhibition
 2017 - "I Love Me" Laramona cafe, Ubud - Bali, Indonesia.
2015. - "Semangat" Barluna art cafe, Ubud - Bali, Indonesia
2013 - The Wall. Bloo Lagoon Village Gallery, Padangbai, Bali,
2012 - The Dinding. Orasis Art Gallery, Surabaya, Indonesia.
2011 - MULEG. Three Monkeys Art café, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
2006 - SINAU. House of Rotten Apple, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Group Exhibition
2019 "Anatomy of Experience" Uma Seminyak, Badung, Bali, Indonesia
"SELF/FIELD" Workshop artroom, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
2018 "Tectoneism" at Laramona Ubud, Bali. Indonesia.
"Mayhem Escapees" at Studio Eksotika, Bali, Indonesia.
"Enigma" at Artotel Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.
2017 Bamboo Sculpture at Qianyang Village, Fujian _ China.
"Die Freiheit, die ich meinte…” KUNSTVEREIN K41 E.V. Koeln, Germany.
"Taman Rupa" SGV Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia.
2015 "Art ecosystem" jatim Biennale, Surabaya, Indonesia.
"Sama-Sama" Bentara Budaya Bali, Bali, Indonesia.
Paradiso opening, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
2014 "Langkawi Biennale" Langkawi, Malaysia.
"Artmalaysia Artouristm Art Fair" Viva Home Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malayia.
"100th Feature" Affordable Art Fair, Singapore. 
- My Balinese Friends. Sika Contemporary Gallery, Ubud,
Bali, Indonesia.
- Final Viewing. Heyokah Art House, Ubud, bali, Indonesia.
2013 - Private room. JATIM Biennale, Orasis Gallery, Surabaya,
Java, Indonesia.
- Jatim Art Now #3. Bentara Budaya, Bali, Indonesia.
- Mind, Body, Soul: Reconfiguration. Bledog Artspace, Ubud,
Bali, Indonesia
- MinimART. Sika Gallery, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
- Bali Art Fair. Tony Raka Gallery, Ubud, Bali.