Khatuna Jibladze

Khatuna Jibladze

Tbilisi, Georgia

About Khatuna Jibladze

Born 21.03.1977, Tbilisi, Georgia." At first there was word or at first was there silence?", "Where do mystery and reality meet?" Every human communicates with themselves and the outside world. Unusual questions are born which do not follow logical criteria and are based only on subjective associations. I am interested in multiple fields like literature, music, psychology, architecture, photography, yoga and other activities. Since very beginning art has been my everyday life, playing with colors, matching different styles and materials. In my art I try to put together verbal and nonverbal communication forms, thoughts which exist in time and space, emotions,questions, memories, poetry, body language, people, objects and other spiritual or physical metamorphoses to create new subjective reality as if everything in our universe is connected and depends on one another.


Master of Fine Arts -Tbilisi State Academy of Arts 2000,
Business Administration,2005
Communication Psychology,2016


Solo Exhibition "Framed Air", Gallery Pallace,Tbilisi 2019
Solo Exhibition "Noise of Silence", Vernissage Gallery, Tbilisi 2016

TAF 2019, Tbilisi
Palazzo Zenobio ,Venice , 2019
Group Exhibition, National Library of Georgia, 2013
Group Exhibition, Gallery Universe, 2009
Group Exhibition, Vernissage Gallery, 2000