Kimberly Poppe

Kimberly Poppe

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

About Kimberly Poppe

Originally from the USA, Kimberly Poppe is a contemporary fine art photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Through refined compositions that move from emotive abstraction to playful graphic impact, she aims to transmit a moment of pure ‘seeing’ to the viewer. She is a proponent of Contemplative Photography and also works as an independent art advisor, curator and designer.

With Eventides, the series that is featured on Saatchi Art, Poppe takes us to the edge, the boundary between the sea and sky, the land and water, and the day and evening. These abstract landscapes hum and slide between clarity and abstraction, leaving us on the brink of fluid twilight.

Depicting the ocean and other bodies of water such as large salt lakes, these linear compositions are long, sometimes sliding, views into the distance. Some draw you in, with distant chinks of reflected light on smooth water where others are flattened as if by a haze of weather, becoming even closer to the Modernist colour field paintings that are a longstanding inspiration to the artist. The meditative sublime recognised within Mark Rothko’s work is a touch point for Poppe, prompting commitment to both the experiencing of the view and the sharing of the resulting photographs.

Taken with long exposures and deliberate movement these photographs confer the visceral experience of standing before that changing, liminal environment to a viewer in the gallery. The cleansing, calming and turbulent effect of a sea view is always going to need more than an accurate photographic depiction and these images seek out that moment of being within the view at a potent time of transition.


MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art, Certificate in Photography

Wesleyan University, B.A. High Hons


Postcards from Great Britain, Hotel D’Or, Haarlem, The Netherlands, March-April 2020 (European Exhibition Launch)

Everyday Delight, Free Space Project, London, UK, Dec 2019-Feb 2020 (Featured in The Guardian)

Autumn Exhibition, Newburyport Gallery, Newburyport, MA, USA, Nov-Dec 2019

Eventides, Monks, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 2017 (solo)

Playing with the View, Minuscule, Lodève, France, July 2015 (solo)

Seascapes, Tiona Gallery, Pacific Palms, NSW, Australia, 2015

Contemplative Works, Bahia Gallery, La Jolla, California, USA, 2014

Sukhavati, Dorint Gallery, Winterberg, Germany, 2014

Contemplative Photographers, The Institute for Wisdom & Compassion, Roqueredonde, France, August 2014

EXPOSURE 2013, See | Exhibition Space, Long Island City, NY, July 2013