Hakan Kirdar

Hakan Kirdar

Izmir, Aegean, Turkey

About Hakan Kirdar

Born in Aydin, Turkey. Lives and works in Izmir and Istanbul.



He graduated from İzmir Dokuz Eylül University, Fine Arts, Applied Arts department in 1985. He finished his masters in 2006 at the same university , Fine Arts, Painting department with a thesis on “Body Perception, Social Identity and Gender in Contemporary Art Practices”.


“Memorial Forest”, Sanatorium, Istanbul, 2016
“Problematic Landscape”, Outlet Gallery, Istanbul, 2010

"Floor Table", Arte Art Projects, Ankara, 2016
"3rd Mardin Biennial", Mardin, 2015
"Fragments-Canakkale Art Walk Osnabrück", BBK, Osnabrück, Germany, 2015
"Crossing Axis", m1886 Art Projects, Ankara, 2015
"Canakkale Biennial: Coordinates 40°9′0″N-26°24′0″E", Depo, Istanbul, 2015
"Memorial Forest/Mardin", Videoist, Mardin, 2014
“Triennial of Contemporary Art PortIzmir 3”, Izmir, 2014
"Mamut Art Project", Antrepo No:3, Istanbul, 2013
"Purely Abstract", Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, 2013
“3rd International Canakkale Biennial”, Canakkale, 2012
"Breath Vol. 4", Gallery Merkur, Istanbul, 2011
“10 years at Kasa”, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, 2010
“Creative Destruction”, Outlet Gallery, Istanbul, 2009
“The 1st Annual Roaming Biennial Of Tehran”, Hafriyat Gallery, Istanbul,
2008 Berlin, Germany, 2008 Belgrade, Serbia, 2009
“Border Line”, Canakkale, 2007
“K2 One Minute Izmir Short Video Festival”, K2 Art Center, Izmir, 2006
“Void as an Object”, Koridor Gallery, Izmir, 2006
“Others' Chance”, K2 Art Center, Izmir, 2005
“Alis vs. Alis”, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, 2005
“Nude Leaving Its Place”, K2 Art Center, Izmir, 2004
“Not The Top But Itself”, K2 Art Center, Izmir, 2004
“Silent And Without Exaggeration”, K2 Art Center, Izmir, 2004