Julia Crystal

Julia Crystal

London, Miles Road, United Kingdom

About Julia Crystal

Artist Yulia Crystal was born in a small resort town on the Black Sea coast.
From childhood, she showed a passion and predisposition to drawing, took drawing lessons, visited the best museums, art galleries and mineral stone museums in Russia; this is how her love for art, minerals and the sea is born and grows.

Painting for her is a means of referring to her childhood.
In her paintings you will find a trace of all the books read, songs sung, performances attended.
Thus, painting takes on the narrative task of communicating with the viewer.
Elements of this narrative can be identified in abstractions similar to mineral stones, because since childhood Julia collects minerals and semi-precious stones, studies books on gemology (the science of minerals).
Julia leads the Crystals project, which includes super-vivid photographs of artificial minerals, created by the artist herself, and paintings from Geode resin.
Julia is ready to turn any object (dragonfly, wood, ice cream, etc.) into a mineral stone. This is a deep exploration of the world through the lens of mineral science.

Thus, the figurative picture of relative, subjective, and sometimes completely imaginary realism is transformed into abstractionism.

But Minerals are not Julia's only love.
She creates realistic seascapes because she loves the sea and marine animals with all her heart. And here Julia creates three-dimensional paintings using the technique of realism.
The means needed to express concepts in painting and give strength to their meaning is for her the beauty, the beauty that she seeks, focusing on composition, vibrant color combinations, precise lines. Julia attaches particular importance to the creation of volumetric details in the paintings: houses and cars on the seashore, rocks, coral reefs, dragonfly wings, and so on.

Her paintings are in private collections in Germany, Amsterdam, Israel, London and Russia.

Julia is fond of psychology and in each picture she puts a secret meaning that can increase the positive energy emanating from the picture. Julia Crystal's paintings radiate powerful good energy and create a "place of power" in your home.


2021-online courses "West-East"
2021-online school of Sasha Robinson
2021-online art therapy school of Vladmira Simuran
2020-online courses of Panova
2017-online art school of Buiko
2003-2008 Magnitogorsk State University
2005-2010 clothing design studio
1996-2003 art studio of Yulia Romanova


In 2020, Color-Kit, a manufacturer of diamond mosaics and paintings by numbers, entered into a license agreement with me for the right to use four plots of my paintings for the production of their products.


Collective exhibitions:
2021-Zverev Art prize, AZ museum
2021-Night of the Performance at the TLT Art Museum, Russia
2020-exhibition-performance Universam, Samara, Russia.
2018-2019 Russian fine art Exhibition at gallery “Kunstbrug”, Oldenzaal, The Netherlands
2018 Kunstmarkt, Haaksbergen